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Frequently asked questions

Q: I do not fulfill all the requirement as listed on the qualifications page, can I just store my application and update as my competence develops?

A: No, you can only apply when all requirements are fulfilled, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Q: I have successfully filled out the application form and uploaded all required documents. Can I count on being invited to interviews?

A: No, SAS will at any given time select the most qualified applicants, so if others have better qualifications than you, there is a risk that your invitation will be postponed.

Q: I am in possession of an EU passport, will that qualify for working permit?

A: A passport from an EU member state gives the right to live and work in any EU member state.

Q: Q: I am from a country outside EU, how do I get a permit to live and work in Scandinavia?

A: Having passed the recruitment process and the language test (required level) you will be issued with a document which states that with a valid working permit you are eligible to a job in SAS. SAS issues no guarantee for a working permit. If you have any concern with regards to your future approval for a working permit, it should be addressed in the online application form, or in an e-mail to

Q: You state that I must be fluent in English. How should this be documented?

A: English language abilities are to some extend documented in your JAR licence ( Level 5 is required), but will also be evaluated throughout the recruitment process.

Q: I am in the process of learning a Scandinavian language, will that be enough for employment?

A: No, you must be able to document your language abilities as stated in the qualification requirement before assessment.

Q: You state that I must be fluent in a Scandinavian language before employment in SAS – which language competence level must I have, and how should it be documented?

A: Your proficiency must be documented with a Berlitz test to level C1. To read more about Berlitz check

Q: What do you expect from my CV?

A: As a minimum a summary of personal information, your family background, relevant qualifications, educational and employment history. All this information will be used during the interview.

Q: What do you expect from a “motivated application”?

A: Tell us about your motivation for applying for a position as a pilot at SAS. What are your expectations?

Q: What is a “pilot suitability test “?

A: As part of the recruitment process, a general screening test is performed by an SAS approved institution. The test can be taken in several geographic locations and on individual basis. When invited to the recruitment process you will get further details.

Q: I would like to have my application deleted, how do I proceed?

A: Send an email with your request, your full name and your license number to Contact information can also be found on the contact page. Enter your licence number and the words “delete application” in the subject field of your e-mail.

Q: Can I choose my base of employment?

A: Your initial assignment will be decided by SAS in accordance with available positions. SAS will try to accommodate individual requests. .

Q: Can I have more than one general application on file?

A: No, if you have more than on application on file, there is a great risk that all your applications will be rejected by our recruitment system.

Q: I have a UK JAR license, can I keep that?

A: All pilots in SAS must have their license converted to a Scandinavian JAR licence, i.e. from Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

Q: I do not speak a Scandinavian language, which language will be used during the interviews?

A: Normally the interview is conducted in one of the Scandinavian languages Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or in English.

Q: I have an approved application on file, how can I get information about my status or “number in the queue”?

A: There is no relevant “status” or “queue”. SAS will at any given time select the applicants that best fulfill the needs. You will be notified as applicable.

Q: Is it possible to get a direct entry to captain positions?

A: It is not possible at SAS.

Q: Which aircraft type can I expect to begin with?

A: SAS has a bidding system that makes it possible to apply for a specific aircraft type, short haul/long haul, but it depends on available positions and seniority. Your first assignment is most likely to be decided by SAS, i.e. a CRJ 900, or 737, depending on base assignment.

Q: I have 5000 hours on Airbus 330/340, can I expect to start directly on longhaul?

A: Unfortunately no. All pilots in SAS starts on shorthaul. If you want to know more about SAS’ fleet and destinations, visit the SAS Group website and click SAS Group facts – Fleet and destinations.

Q: As a pilot at SAS, do I have to live in Scandinavia?

A: SAS has no requirement concerning your preferred country of residence.

Q: I would like to have CPH as my home base, will that be possible?

A: SAS has 3 main bases, CPH, ARN and OSL. We will try to balance all request but you might be stationed where the available positions are.

Q: I am a helicopter pilot, will I have a chance for employment at SAS?

A: We do not have any helicopters in our fleet, but we do have several pilots with helicopter experience. When you fulfill the application requirements we will be happy to process your application.

Q: I am 19 years old and have always dreamed of becoming an airline pilot,- how do I proceed?

A: First you must acquire a flight license. Several schools worldwide provide training to become a commercial pilot. SAS is not able to recommend any specific training facility.

Q: Where do I find information on working hours, vacation planning, salary and benefits?

A: Most information can be found on the Salary & benefits-page. The interview sessions are preceded by a briefing on the subject, where also your specific questions are most welcome. 

Q: Does SAS offer ab-initio pilot training?

A: For the time being SAS is not involved in any ab-initio training

Q: Does SAS accept applications send as email?

A: No,- unfortunately we only accept applications through our online system.