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Recruiting process

Applicants selected for the SAS pilot recruitment (with an initial online application) will be subject to a pre-assessment test and personality questionnaire, and simulator assessment and operational interviews.

Applicants will be scheduled to undergo the pre-assessment test and personality prior to attending the simulator assessment and interview. The test and questionnaire is web based and can be completed from any computer with access to the internet.

The assessment process is a two-day event. Day one is a simulator assessment. A predetermined standard profile is flown in accordance with information provided to the applicant in advance. The session is monitored and assessed by a simulator assessor (an SAS pilot).

On day two you will meet two operational interviewers from SAS and participate in a group exercise with your fellow applicants.

Expect to be occupied for a full day with time to socialize with your possible future colleagues.

A general briefing including terms and conditions for an employment in SAS is given on the day of the interview. There will be people to answer any questions regarding SAS you might have. There will be two operational interviews per applicant with duration of approximately one hour each. The interviews will be performed by two operational interviewers from SAS.

The final part of the process will be a recruitment board where it will be decided you will be approved for a possible employment in SAS. The result of the board meeting will be forwarded to all applicants by e-mail.

If you are not offered employment in SAS it is not possible to apply again unless otherwise stated.