November 2001

Offer from SAS AB to shareholders in Braathens ASA

On 28 November 2001 SAS offered the shareholders in Braathens ASA NOK 27 per share. In connection with this a prospectus was issued: Frivillig tilbud om kjøp av aksjer i Braathens ASA.

SAS Interim report January-September 2001

On October 8, flight SK686 crashed in Milan and 118 people lost their lives in the worst air disaster in SAS’s history. • Recession and weaker demand, which intensified considerably after...

SAS koncernen Delårsrapport januari-september 2001

Den 8 oktober havererade SK686 i Milano och 118 personer omkom i den värsta flygkatastrofen i SAS historia. · Vikande konjunkturer och en svagare efterfrågan som förstärks kraftigt efter den 11...
August 2001

SAS Interim report January-June 2001

• Weaker economic growth and demand in key markets are the main reasons for SAS’s weak result in the second quarter. • Operating revenue rose 12.7% to MSEK 25,948. • A provision has been made...

SAS koncernen Delårsrapport januari-juni 2001

• Svagare ekonomisk tillväxt och efterfrågan på de viktigaste marknaderna är huvudorsaker till att SAS har haft ett svagt resultat i andra kvartalet. •Omsättningen ökademed 12,7% till 25...
May 2001

Introduction of a single SAS share

The Board of Directors of a SAS AB (publ) decided to make three parallel public offers to the shareholders in SAS Danmark A/S, SAS Norge ASA and SAS Sverige AB, (together, the "Parent Companies").

SAS Interim report January-March 2001

• Income before taxes amounted to MSEK 20 (–303). • Operating revenue rose 12.8% to MSEK 12,137. • Earnings before depreciation and leasing costs for aircraft (EBITDAR) increased in the first...

SAS koncernen Delårsrapport januari-mars 2001

• Resultatet före skatter uppgick till 20 (–303) MSEK. •Omsättningen ökademed 12,8% till 12 137 MSEK. •Resultat före avskrivningar och kostnader för flygplansleasing (EBITDAR) ökade...
March 2001

SAS Årsredovisning 2000

SAS intäkter för räkenskapsåret 1 januari 2000 till den 31 december 2000 till 47 540 Mkr (43 746). Rörelseresultatet nådde MSEK 3 053 (1 746).

SAS Annual Report 2000

SAS revenues for the financial year from 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2000 amounted to MSEK 47,540 (43,746). Operating income reached MSEK 3,053 (1,746).
February 2001

Year End report January-December 2000

• The SAS Group’s income before taxes was MSEK 2,773 (1,846). Income for the fourth quarter amounted to MSEK 1,705 (1,245). • Income excluding capital gains amounted to MSEK 1,235 (420) for the...

Bokslutskommuniké januari-december 2000

•SAS Gruppens resultat före skatter var 2 773 (1 846) MSEK. Fjärde kvartalets resultat blev 1 705 (1 245) MSEK. •Resultat exklusive realisationsvinster var för helåret 1 235 (420) MSEK och...
flysas January 4, 2020
flysas "A glorious morning at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Italian Dolomites. These three peaks looks so majestic from this vantage point. We hiked up here early in the morning to be able to catch the sunrise strike the side of these beautiful mountain peaks. This is the early morning blue hour, still with some faint stars present on the sky. A rather cold experience, the weather was clear and this resulted in temperatures below 0 celsius. Small ice crystals started to show up on top of cameras!" - Traveler @mbeiter tells his story #wearetravelers #flysas #Dolomites
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Hello Miami 👋 Who wants to go this weekend? #wearetravelers #flysas #Miami 📷@maciekgdansk
flysas Hello Miami 👋 Who wants to go this weekend? #wearetravelers #flysas #Miami 📷@maciekgdansk
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The Venice of Norway 💙 Fly here direct from Oslo to experience the best of western Norway, from fjords to mountains, and hikes to whale watching ✈️ #wearetravelers #Ålesund #Norway 📷@forwardamine
flysas The Venice of Norway 💙 Fly here direct from Oslo to experience the best of western Norway, from fjords to mountains, and hikes to whale watching ✈️ #wearetravelers #Ålesund #Norway 📷@forwardamine
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