Dividend and dividend policy

Dividend policy

SAS has two share classes listed. Dividends require SAS AB to have distributable earnings and a resolution by a shareholders’ meeting. The Group’s earnings, expected performance, financial position, investment requirements and relevant economic conditions should also be taken into account. The dividend policy endeavors to achieve long-term sustainable dividends.

Common shares
Dividends to holders of common shares can be paid from value-cre­ation whereby SAS’s return on invested capital exceeds the average cost of capital. The dividend should take into account any restrictions applying to the Group’s financial instruments.

Preference shares
SAS is to pay dividends to holders of preference shares of SEK 50 per year, with a quarterly payment of SEK 12.50 per preference share until the payment date for the preference share dividend immediately following the record date of February 5, 2019, whereaf­ter the annual preferential right to a dividend increases by an amount corresponding to 1% of the subscription price per preference share and year until the payment date for preference share dividends immediately after the record date of February 5, 2023. Thereafter, the annual preferential right to a preference-share dividend totals an amount corresponding to SEK 50 plus an additional amount equiva­lent to 5% of the subscription price. In all cases, dividend payments are evenly allocated over the year in the form of quarterly payments.

Dividend to common shareholders

The dividend in the table below refers to the total dividend paid to SAS common shareholders. Prior to 2002 the dividend refers to the former parent companies SAS Danmark A/S, SAS Norge ASA and SAS Sverige AB.

Dividend, common shares (year) MSEK
2016 0
2015 0
2014 0
2013 0
2012 0
2011 0
2010 0
2009 0
2008 0
2007 0
2006 0
2005 0
2004 0
2003 0
2002 0
2001 754
2000 666
1999 637
1998 678
1997 493
1996 2 204
1995 591