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Shareholder service

Shareholders with minimum 400 shares can enjoy special offers: attractive tickets for traveling within Europe only for shareholders by following the link below. Number of destinations and available seats are limited .

At this service all shareholders can also register to receive notice convening the AGM, annual reports and interim reports by email.

Questions & Answers

What is my user name?

The user name is different depending on in which country your shares are registered.

Denmark: Your NemID or VP-number. If you do not have a NemID please write an email to

Norway: Your user name can be your VPS-number adding “NO-“ Before the VPS number, depending on where your shares are registered. You can also write an email to to receive your user name.

Sweden: Your user name can be your Swedish security number adding “SE-” before the security number, depending on where your shares are registered. You can also write an email to to receive your user name.

How can I get my password?

To receive your password you must first have your user name (see above). If you have your user name, please click on the link above. A new window will pop up. To the right in the new window, click on “create VP-user” and follow the link to order a one off code. After you have received the code you can establish your own login details.

For how long time can I use the special offer after I have sold my SAS shares?

As long as you are a shareholder, have your login details and fulfill the requirements (currently 400 shares) you will be able to book tickets at special discounted fares. If you sell your shares you will at the next update of the shareholder register no longer appear as a shareholder and therefore not be able to book tickets at special fares.

How can I pay and book the tickets?

The tickets can only be booked and paid on the internet and during the specific sales period valid for the travel offer.

My Shareholder Service account shows a different number of shares than the statement from my bank. Why?

SAS Shareholder Service account is not updated as frequently as your actual account at your bank. In fact, it can take up to one month before the changes to your holding is registered at the Shareholder Service.

Are there any special restrictions on tickets in this offer?

  • There is a limited amount of tickets available, and the tickets are valid on Scandinavian Airlines operated flights within Europe only.
  • The tickets are only bookable via internet and cannot be changed or refunded.
  • The shareholder has to participate on the trip. Up to eight relatives or friends may travel with the shareholder.
  • One-way tickets are not available, and the trip should include minimum one night stay.
  • Tickets can only be booked in the SAS Go service class.

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