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Working at SAS

Since 1946, SAS has been the proud carrier of travelers and cargo to, from and within Scandinavia. We have had the opportunity to build bridges and contribute to exchanges between people and cultures, bringing goods across the globe and connecting Scandinavia to the world. This has made us Scandinavia’s leading airline, with main hubs in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, flying to destinations in Europe, USA and Asia. We look forward to having you in o-ur team. So fasten your seat belt, and be ready for take off on the journey into the future.

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Travelers for 75 years 

For more than 75 years, we've kept Scandinavia connected to the world. And the world to Scandinavia. We fly, because the world is moving, and it needs our help, to stay in motion. And we'll keep flying for at least another 75 years to come. 

Image source: SAS Instagram @flysas
Transforming aviation

We are fuelled by passion and purpose

The restless pulse of our world offers endless possibilities to develop new customer solutions and new avenues for personal and professional growth.

That is why ingenuity and creativity are central to our work, exploring new opportunities, while always considering our customers’ overall experience and safety.

Working at SAS means contributing to and benefiting from a fast-paced, dynamic environment. It means playing a leading role by transforming aviation.

For generations to come

We are dedicated to transforming aviation

Our ability to ensure Scandinavian connectivity in the future depends on embracing and pioneering transformation today.

That is why we leverage our industry-leading position to make sustainable choices, embrace digitalization, and seek out new ways to prioritize efficiency.

Working at SAS means taking the front seat in propelling industry change. It means being ignited by our collective ambition to connect Scandinavia for generations to come.

Image source: SAS Instagram @flysas
United by pride and purpose

We move together

Each traveler’s journey begins with us, uniting our diverse expertize and collaboration on the ground, in the skies and across borders.

That is why we foster a culture shaped by shared values, open minds, individual accountability and mutual support.

Working at SAS means being empowered to elevate our performance through diversity of thought. It means recognizing that each of us has a pivotal role to play and that it is only together we can move our passengers and ourselves.

Benefits and compensation

Flexible and sustainable working-environment where the employee
is able to steer working hours as much as possible in agreement with leader.

Employees at SAS receive discounted flight tickets for leasure and
recreation trips, and the ability to discover the world.

Long-term incentive plan offers the possibility to become a shareholder in SAS, provided that certain future performance conditions are fulfilled

Sustainability and innovation

SAS takes a front seat in propelling industry change

Reducing the carbon footprint in the airline industry is crucial, and SAS aims to lead the way toward sustainable aviation. 

Ongoing sustainable innovations

Our Scandinavian DNA

Everything we do reflects our Scandinavian DNA - simplicity, functionality, quality reliability and a quiet pride in going that extra mile to show our loyalty. SAS' employees make the difference, and we pride ourselves on being easy and informal, meeting everyone at eye level. And regardless of whom you meet at SAS you can be sure that safety, punctuality, and care for our customers are our top priorities.


All flights must be made using safe aircraft, safe equipment and qualified personnel and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. All employees have a responsibility to report deviations from the specified standards, rules and procedures in order to ensure that necessary action is taken and to contribute to the continual improvement of our safety work.

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All employees in each relevant SAS function have a duty to contribute actively to achieving the targets set for punctuality and reliability.

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Every promise made to a customer is a commitment that we must deliver on in all situations. Care broadens the issue of our customers’ experience to include more care, affection and concern. You should always protect the integrity of our customers.

Image source: SAS Instagram @flysas