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Supplier information

Welcome to SAS Group Procure-to-Pay. Here you find information on how to send invoices to SAS as well as the invoice requirements that is necessary for SAS to accept an invoice.

If you are a supplier to SAS you will find all relevant information on this webpage and also be able to download documents necessary for invoicing.

For any questions regarding a purchase order we kindly ask you to contact your SAS contact person.

Contact AP:

Please note: in order for SAS to accept an invoice it needs to contain information about SAS company name, address, SAS reference, VAT as well as supplier information including corporate name, address, VAT number company. For more information please see mandatory information below.

Approved ways of invoicing SAS

For our contracted suppliers our General Terms and Conditions stipulate electronic invoicing, unless otherwise agreed in contract. SAS also accepts PDF invoicing or paper invoices sent by regular post. However, due to environment and cost considerations these should be reduced to the extent possible.

Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing is good for the environment, reduces administration is safe and leads to instant delivery. Therefore, electronic invoicing is a mandatory part of the SAS General Terms and Conditions we sign with our suppliers.

At present SAS approves electronic invoicing through SAS external solution provider Pagero that is connected to most electronic invoicing networks in Scandinavia and Europe. SAS provides some solutions free of charge to our suppliers.

Please go directly to the SAS Group site at Pagero for more information.

The process is different depending on each supplier’s particular situation. Please select your company’s situation below.

If you do not offer electronic invoicing

  • SAS advise PDF invoicing

If you have Pagero as your electronic invoice provider but do not invoice to SAS yet

  • Add SAS as a customer in Pagero Online and wait for confirmation.

If you want to send electronic invoices to SAS via another service provider

  • Send an e-mail and indicate that you wish to send electronic invoices to SAS, please also indicate which SAS Company you want to connect to. Now SAS will look for connection requests from your service provider on your behalf.
  • Wait until SAS confirms you as a new supplier in Pagero and see the special instructions for your first electronic invoice below.


For suppliers who do not provide electronic invoicing we offer PDF-invoicing. Please note that each invoice should sent as one PDF-file with all necessary documentation and other specifications attached in the same file PDF file.

Email addresses for each SAS company:


Scandinavian Airlines System Denmark, Norway, Sweden (Swedish consortium):

* Finland: FI02136972, United Kingdom: GB606050482, Belgium: BE0403465857, Ireland: IE4887603Q, Switzerland: CHE-105.841.243, Luxemburg: LU16578365, Germany: DE114106244, Italy: IT09479700156, Estonia: EE100574106, Netherlands: NL002964697B01, Greece: EL999326553, Poland: PL5260004227, Spain: ESW0301003J, France: FR76572042745, Lithuania: LT100002163513.


SAS Cargo Sweden AB:

SAS Ground Handling Sweden BA:


Scandinavian Airlines System Denmark, Norway, Sweden (Danish consortium):

SAS Cargo Group A/S (Denmark):

Trust Forwarding A/S:

SAS Ground Handling Denmark A/S:


Scandinavian Airlines System Denmark, Norway, Sweden (Norweigian consortium):

SAS Cargo Norway AS:

SAS Ground Handling Norway AS:


Scandinavian Airlines System Ireland limited:

SAS Group invoice addresses

It is very important that the supplier uses the correct invoice address as well as the full SAS company name with corresponding VAT-number.

A SAS Purchase Order also contains all invoice information needed for the supplier.

Mandatory information

For an invoice to be handled correctly it is of highly importance that the invoice is marked with correct information.

Following information is mandatory for SAS to accept an invoice

  • SAS company name with corresponding FE-code
  • Correct billing address and VAT number.
  • SAS reference: employee number (5 digits) /name/department code: example, ABC123/Kalle Karlsson/STOUDU. SAS reference must be stated on the first page of the invoice.
  • Purchase order: If you have received a purchase order from your SAS reference the purchase order number is to be added on your invoice. We kindly ask you to send us an invoice per purchase order, collective invoice containing several purchaser orders are not approved.
  • Supplier information including corporate name, address, VAT number and banking details.

Invoices with an invalid SAS company name, wrong address, incorrect reference or VAT number will be sent back to supplier for corrective actions.

SAS Payment terms

Payment will be made 45 days after receipt of a correct invoice, unless otherwise agreed in contract. The supplier will not be able to invoice SAS before the delivery or performance is accepted by SAS as final and complete.


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