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Sponsorship requests

Ticket sponsorships and collaboration

Sponsorships of tickets

As a general rule, SAS does not give free or discounted tickets unless there is a business rationale – that cannot be confused with pleasure – behind the sponsorship or the collaboration.

If there is a business rationale behind the collaboration, SAS requires that mutual agreement between the journalist, media house, blogger etc. and SAS.


The written agreement should as a minimum include:

  • A detailed description of the article type, content and how SAS participates
  • Name of media outlet or publication where the article is published
  • Deadline of publication
  • Travel dates


Since the personal benefits may not overweight the business rationale and professional output of the collaboration, each case will always be evaluated individually. For the same reason, SAS does not give discounted prices to the journalist’s friends or family. If SAS finds that the personal benefits of a given activity exceeds the professional output, there may be participation fee.

The above is a part of SAS’ anti-bribery policy. If you have questions or inquiries about the policy, please contact SAS press office.

Background: Anti-Bribery Policy

SAS has in 2013 adopted an anti-bribery policy based on strict legislation to prevent corruption and bribery. Among other things the policy concerns collaboration with journalists, media houses, bloggers etc. about sponsorships of tickets.