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Sustainability and innovation

On September 17th, 1946, the very first SAS flight took off, flying from Stockholm bound for New York, a result of technical innovation and the urge to see more of the world. Today, the drive to innovate and gain new perspectives is still at the core of our business, and in the heart of our travelers.

 Reducing the carbon footprint in the airline industry is crucial and SAS aims to lead the way toward sustainable travel. We have set a target of reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent by 2025. This will be achieved with modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, by using more sustainable aviation fuels and many more important initiatives and innovations.

Increase in sustainable aviation fuels reduces climate-impacting co2 emissions
Active work with development of electric and zero-emission aircraft
CO2 offset all youth tickets, Eurobonus members and staff tickets
New aircraft reduce CO2 emissions with 15-30%
Reward travelers for earch 20-minute block biofuel they purchase