Airline operations

SAS transported about 30 million passengers, including charter passengers, in 2016/2017. Revenue totaled approximately SEK 43 billion.

SAS is Scandinavia’s leading airline and has an attractive offering to frequent Travelers. SAS offered 817 daily flights in 2016/2017 to 123 destinations in Europe, the US and Asia. In addition, SAS offers an extended network through its partners and Star Alliance.

A key component of the current strategy is to offer the best product to meet the entire travel needs of frequent travelers in Scandinavia. To be able to compete effectively in the growing leisure market, SAS has expanded its network with a significantly increased number of leisure destinations. This has been made possible through new, enhanced operating conditions in terms of costs and flexibility.

Punctuality and regularity

SAS achieved a punctuality rating of 84% in 2016/2017. In some months of the fiscal year, SAS posted the highest punctuality for network airline companies in Europe and the rest of the world. Regularity at SAS was 98.9% in 2016/2017.

Environmental activities

During 2016/2017, flight operations at SAS reduced their carbon emissions per passenger kilometer by 1.5%. SAS’s CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer have been reduced 12.1% since 2010. Renewal of the Aircraft fleet, ongoing efficiency enhancement efforts and increased long-haul production enabled the reduced carbon emission per passenger kilometer during the fiscal year. SAS’s environmental work has been structured under the framework of a environmental management system, which is certified under ISO 14001.

Aircraft fleet

Scandinavian Airlines has an extensive network of destinations with large and smaller traffic flows, which requires a fleet with aircraft of varying size and range to make the customer offering attractive to more frequent travelers. In October 2016, Scandinavian Airlines had an aircraft fleet comprising 158 aircraft in service.