Business model

SAS offers flexible and affordable travel and travel-related services, including shipping, for individuals and companies to, from and within Scandinavia. The offer is based on a broad network with frequent departures and a range of services that provide high freedom of choice, designed with a focus on the frequent travelers’ business and leisure travel. Customers are rewarded for their loyalty to us through our EuroBonus program.

The delivery of SAS services is based on a production model where SAS produces traffic on major traffic flows with a uniform aircraft fleet, while smaller flows and regional traffic is handled via partners. Efficient ground handling services and minor technical maintenance of aircraft at the main airports in Scandinavia, supports this production model.

SAS’ strategy is to focus on frequent travelers and to be an airline that rewards its customers for their loyalty to us. The most frequent travelers also have the highest demands when it comes to their travel experience and our products and network are developed with this in mind. This leads to options that benefit all our customers.
SAS offers more destinations and more departures than any other Nordic airline, which is the core strength of our business model. Due to increased productivity and more efficient processes, SAS has been able to invest in many new destinations over the last years and, thereby, meet demand from its frequent customers.
More routes and departures with competitive pricing throughout the year means that a larger proportion of our customers now choose to fly with SAS for leisure travel. SAS is also in the process of renewing the aircraft fleet and continues to develop services that make travel easier.