Sustainability reports

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The overall objective for the SAS sustainability practices is to create long-term value growth for our owners and help SAS reach its targets, while safeguarding sustainability-related aspects. Our work with sustainable development is always based on securing the societal, environmental and financial responsibility as well as ensuring continuous ongoing improvement efforts.

Newer aircraft of the right size creates less emission

SAS’ strategy is to replace older aircraft with newer ones. An example of the improvement is the A320, which has eighteen seats more than the MD-80 while reducing the fuel consumption and associated e…

Renewable energy in the wings

To realize the airline industry’s environmental objectives, the future of aviation is largely dependent on the development of alternative and sustainable jet fuels based on one or more renewable sources. …

Work Environment at the airport

Particulate matter (PM), or simply particles, are solid matter in air. Further classification of particles can be made by size into coarse, fine, ultrafine and nanoparticles.

Sustainability contact

Lars Andersen Resare
Head of Environment and CSR
Phone: +46 709 97 23 46