Climate index

SAS has chosen to construct a climate index for flight operations. The base year is full-year 2011. The climate index is calculated by taking the quantity of emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in relation to production.

Even though there is no consensus regarding the weighting between the different greenhouse gases´ effect on total impact on climate change, SAS has chosen to base the calculation on the assumption from, among others, Cicero that 1.5 is a reasonable multiplicator given the knowledge available “today”.

This gives a relationship of 2/3 carbon dioxide to 1/3 other climate changing emissions such as nitrogen oxides, water vapor and particulates. Nitrogen oxides have been chosen as a non-CO2 indicator for the climate index. Until clearer directives are given regarding how the total climate effect should be calculated every mission is reported separately.

Environmental aspect Weighting Production factor
Carbon dioxide 67% Passenger Kilometer (PK)
Nitrogen oxides 33%

The climate index is designed for SAS to present year-to-year development. This assumes that no changes to methodology are made.

Climate Index
Mar17 Feb17 Jan17 Dec16 Nov16 Oct16 Sep16
Actual 90 90 90 90 91 91 91