Customers and customer offering

The primary target group for SAS is frequent travelers in Scandinavia, regardless of whether the trip is for business or leisure purposes.

The objective is to continue to be the target group’s natural choice by providing easy, clear and time-saving products and services, all linked to an unsurpassed network and a schedule with frequent departures. In addition, there is the security that membership in Star Alliance provides in the event of any irregularities.


SAS endeavors to facilitate and make planning, booking and taking a trip easy for customers. Irrespective of whether traveling on business or pleasure, today’s travelers expect the same level of ease, clarity and efficiency. This, in turn, sets requirements for the production process. SAS was the first airline in the world to receive IATA’s Fast Travel Platinum Award for the development of self-service options throughout the travel chain.


About 2 million of Scandinavia’s approximately 22 million inhabitants make five or more return flights per year. A shared trait of these passengers is that they value their time and want easy and efficient travel solutions. They are located in major cities as well as smaller towns, are well-educated, interested in technology and are high media consumers.

As part of improving the offering to this target group, including leisure travel, SAS has expanded its network. This expansion has now led to SAS competing more actively for leisure market revenue, which has contributed to the rise in currency-adjusted passenger revenue.


SAS works actively to develop and improve its customer offering at every stage of the journey. Passengers of SAS value easier and more time-efficient travel, from the actual booking to arrival at the end destination. SAS EuroBonus loyalty program forms a key element in this offering, both during the journey and at home. Customers are able to earn and redeem EuroBonus points throughout the journey, for uses including everything from hotels and rental cars to shopping.


To meet the demand from frequent travelers for smooth, easy journeys, we have further developed the popular SAS Go and SAS Plus service concepts, as well as SAS Go Light and SAS Plus Saver. SAS Plus Saver has the same advantages as SAS Plus, except for rebooking and cancellation free of charge.

Many customers also see the advantage in traveling SAS Plus and Business on our long-haul routes; during the fiscal year, the number of journeys on those routes increased 17%.

We also launched SAS Go Light to meet customer demands for a simpler, baggage-free concept. Besides providing customers with an expanded range of options, SAS Go Light also strengthens our competitiveness in terms of price comparisons.


In May 2017, to meet the wishes of our primary target group, we launched New Nordic by SAS, a new and innovative food and drink concept where we focus on functionality and locally produced, high quality ingredients as well as on more and improved choices. The concept was created in consultation with SAS’s customers and cabin crew.


Over the year, SAS launched apps for smartphones and tablet devices. Apps are available that allow passengers to book and rebook flights, check in, download boarding cards, check their flight status and much more besides. This saves time and makes life easier for SAS customers.


The SAS EuroBonus program has evolved from its origins as a frequent-flyer program to its current guise as a broad loyalty program that reflects members’ everyday life – when traveling and at home. Together with external partners, earning EuroBonus points is made possible on everything from flights, hotels and rental cars to shopping, insurance, electricity and groceries. New, attractive partners are continuously being added to this partnership.

By rewarding EuroBonus members and simplifying their everyday life, SAS increases their loyalty, which generates increased revenue for SAS and its business partners. A key change that has been implemented in EuroBonus is that members no longer need to wait until they have reached a specific level of points to be able to redeem a bonus flight. Today, EuroBonus points can be used freely to buy regular airline tickets, for partial payment of journeys, to shop at the EuroBonus online shop, purchase food and beverages at the SAS onboard Café, buy gift vouchers at restaurants, stores, theme parks and much more. After only a few journeys or purchases with SAS partners, EuroBonus members are able to use their points, which strengthens loyalty and gives more members reason to choose SAS – a key ingredient for the continued success of EuroBonus.

For EuroBonus, every point earned represents revenue and every point used is a cost. For SAS, this means that every point used represents, in parallel, an important investment in the customer’s loyalty. To optimize relevance, it is important that communication with EuroBonus members is increasingly dynamic and based on how the individual members use their points. This communication is adapted to each member’s behavior, interests and needs. The number of EuroBonus members is steadily on the rise. In July 2018, the program had more than 5 million members.


We have now launched a new and improved corporate program – SAS For Business. At SAS, we value time and know how important it is to SAS travelers. Therefore, we have simplified the program to reduce the amount of time spent on travel administration. As an SAS For Business member, your discounts will now be activated directly when you book your ticket. Read more about SAS for Business here.


With an average of 817 departures per day, SAS offers the best network to, from and within Scandinavia. With frequent departures to indemand destinations, customers are offered freedom of choice and the ability to use time optimally, whether traveling on business or leisure.

The expansion of routes has been primarily through increased utilization of the aircraft fleet. SAS range of destinations varies over the season to meet the travel needs of frequent travelers and to ensure the year-round relevance of the offering. The core of the offering is frequent domestic departures, between the Scandinavian countries and to international destinations in Europe, the US and Asia. This core network is then supplemented according to season with desirable routes to the Mediterranean, the Canaries and the Alps.


Membership in Star Alliance enables SAS to offer access to a global destination network with smooth transfers via the member companies’ key airports. This partnership enables a travel experience whereby customers can earn and redeem bonus points as well as gain access to lounges and other time-saving services.

In the rare event of a flight being canceled, SAS and the other members of Star Alliance have an agreement, which means that shared customers are taken care of through rebooking to the final destination with the next available Star Alliance flight. This is a dramatic difference to low cost carriers, who are often not part of any corresponding partnership and lack access to reserve capacity.

In 2013, SAS initiated a joint venture with Singapore Airlines and intensified code sharing with Thai Airways, thereby forging even closer ties between Scandinavia and South-East Asia. The collaboration model with Lufthansa has been rearranged but will continue to be one of the key partnerships for SAS.