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New guidebook: Crew Guide 2005

December 13, 2004 14:15

Crew Guide 2005 is a new guidebook with hundreds of personal travel tips from Scandinavia’s most expert group of travel professionals – SAS cabin crew and pilots.An excellent tailor in Bangkok, cozy restaurants in Shanghai or perhaps bargain-hunting in New York? In the new Crew Guide 2005 guidebook, SAS cabin crew reveal the addresses of their favorite places throughout the world. This is the first time an airline has published a guidebook of the crews’ best tips.

“There is hardly a more professional group of travelers than our flying crews. Working throughout the world, they have gathered huge numbers of fun, exciting and useful experiences and travel tips over the years, which they are now keen to share,” says Anders Ehrling, President of Scandinavian Airlines Sweden.

The idea of the guidebook, which is published by SAS Media, was conceived about a year ago.

“The crews have lots of excellent tips that they have only shared with each other until now,” says Per Larsson, editor at SAS Media. “So we contacted all cabin crew and pilots at SAS and asked them to share their personal favorites and the response was excellent. The book contains masses of personal recommendations that you never find in ordinary guidebooks.”

Gorm Esbirk, pilot at SAS, reveals where he prefers to eat breakfast in New York. Air Host Fernando Orellano reports that the world’s best gym is in Växjö. And Air Hostess Maria Raabe likes to shop at LEK Fashion in Bangkok.

”The tips have continued to flood in after going to press and I hope there will be a follow-up as early as next year,” says Per Larsson.

The SAS Crew Guide to the World is written in English (144 pages) and is available at selected stores and through the SAS website,, for about SEK 95.

For further information, please contact:
Per Larsson, editor at SAS Media, tel: +46-70-997 03 78

Communications Department Scandinavian Airlines Sweden

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