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The SAS Group Traffic figures - December 2003

January 12, 2004 11:00

The SAS Group Traffic figures December 2003

The SAS Group
·Total passenger traffic (RPK) decreased by 0,3% in December vs 2002.
·The SAS Group transported a total of 2,1 million passengers in
December 2003 vs 2,3 million in 2002, a decrease of 4,7%.
·Overall group passenger load factor decreased by 0,1 p.u to 60,4%
for December 2003 vs. 2002.

Market trends and yield development
The traffic development in December was in line with previous months
with reduced passenger yields across most airlines in the Group. Overall
passenger load factor was unchanged and passenger traffic decreased by
0,3% during December.
In general, growth has improved slightly on European and
intercontinental routes and positive mix can be noted on Asian routes.
Domestic and Intrascandinavian markets are still characterized by weak
demand and increased competition and this is the main explanaition for
the unchanged overall group traffic.
Braathens traffic increased in December driven by the positive
development on international routes. Spanair’s traffic increased in
December with improved load and improved yields.

Yields in November were down 10,5% month by month and 12,3% for the
period Jan- Nov. Yields on the European routes were down approx 12% in

The overall yield development in November showed continued pressure on
yields. Price cuts were implemented in Scandinavia as from October 26
and this has pushed yields further as from November by approx. 2-3% vs
2002. The restructuring plan “Turnaround 2005”, is proceeding according
to plan in order to secure a sustained profitability level in a lower
yield environment. Some improvements in general demand can be noted but
due to the situation with continued yield pressure, the outlook remains

Scandinavian Airlines
·Scandinavian Airlines traffic (RPK) decreased by 2,6% in December
2003 compared with 2002.
·Scandinavian Airlines passenger load factor increased by 0,5 p.u.
to 64,0%

In line with other industry players, demand on the long haul routes
improved during December. Intercontinental load factors improved by 5,7
p.u. Positive mix was noted on Asian routes with Business Class up 3%
Traffic on the European routes was flat. Snowflake has its low season
now and showed a load factor around 45%. Intrascandinavian traffic was
characterized by slow demand. Norwegian domestic market has improved
compared with previous months, while demand on Swedish domestic routes
has weakened significantly.

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