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SAS Group signs corporate card deal with Eurocard and Diners Club

May 9, 2005 13:00

SAS Group has entered into an agreement with Eurocard and Diners Club as new corporate card partners. As of this fall Eurocard and Diners Club will offer an extensive range of administration and payment solutions connected to travel services to the corporate market.

The new cooperation agreement covers all the Nordic countries.

“SAS is a market leader in the Nordic countries in terms of travel services. Eurocard and Diners Club are market leaders in Scandinavia and Finland in terms of payment services. The new agreement will enable SAS to offer current and new corporate card customers a competitive product that will simplify the travel process and make it more efficient. Together we can offer competitive solutions on a Nordic basis, with a huge potential for further development,” said John Dueholm, Executive Vice President, Scandinavian Airlines Businesses.

Synnöve Trygg, CEO of Eurocard said, “The cooperation between SAS and Eurocard will benefit the business travelers, since ticketless travel will now become much easier. I look forward to a rewarding and good cooperation with SAS.” Anita Markussen, Key Account Manager, SAS at Diners Club added, “SAS and Diners Club have had a well functioning cooperation on a Nordic basis for years. We now expand our cooperation to the benefit of the business travelers.”

Until now, SAS Group has cooperated with Nordea Finans about the SAS Corporate Card. The two partners have, however, agreed to terminate their business relationship when the current agreement expires in the first quarter of next year.

The new corporate cards will work as a ticket as well as a means of payment, and all travel expenses are invoiced after the trip has been completed. The benefits and functionalities of the cards contribute to reducing the costs and simplifying the administrative processes for the customers, and travel itself becomes easier. Tickets can be booked anytime, anywhere, and check-in is done manually, on the internet or at kiosks at the airport.

SAS Corporate Card customers will be offered a transfer to Eurocard or Diners Club with access to travel related functionality such as SAS Travel Pass Corporate, travel statistics, credit cards with add-on benefits and travel account.

For further information, please contact
Peter Svendsen, Project Manager, SAS, phone +45-23-22 32 34
Synnöve Trygg, CEO, Eurocard, phone +46-70-523 23 03
Anita Markussen, Key Account Manager, Diners Club, phone +46-70-314 73 89

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