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SAS launches Nya Europaflyget – simpler and less expensive flights in Europe

August 18, 2005 15:51

Scandinavian Airlines Sverige is today presenting its new European offering, Nya Europaflyget, which includes lower fares, one-way flights that can be combined without restrictions, and new, simplified booking on“Nya Inrikesflyget, our Swedish domestic offering, is a major success for us. We are now going a step further and making it simpler and less expensive to fly with SAS to our European destinations,” says Anders Ehrling, President of Scandinavian Airlines Sverige.

Tickets from SEK 650 will be available on all departures from Arlanda to 22 European destinations and from Gothenburg to London. The tickets will be sold as one-way tickets and can be combined without restrictions to form return tickets. For example, the cheapest outbound flight for SEK 650 may be chosen and combined with a flight offering higher level of comfort on the return journey. All complicated rules, such as the demand that passengers must stay away over a Saturday or Sunday, have been eliminated and it will be easier to find and book tickets at low prices on the Internet.

“With our new European offering, we can provide our customers with something that none of our competitors can match: a modern low-fares airline and, at the same time, efficient business travel,” says Anders Ehrling. “It is only with SAS that it is possible to travel cheaply and comfortably from throughout Sweden to the rest of Europe. We are also first among the European network carriers to introduce flexible one-way travel for all fare types on our European routes. All fares are available on all of our booking channels.”

Flexibility for the three ticket types, Economy, Economy Flex and Business will increase. The tickets can easily be combines according to the passenger’s wishes. For SEK 500, it is also possible to rebook a low-fare ticket in Economy. And for SEK 800 more than in the price of Economy Flex it is possible to have the comfort offered in Business, such as access to the lounge, a free middle seat and additional leg room.

The new European offering will be launched on September 1. It will be possible to book tickets through the SAS Sales Center, travel agencies or on, where it is easy to see the fares available on each departure. SAS’s German destination will be included in the new European offering as of January 2006.

“Our new domestic and European offerings make us a considerably stronger airline,” says Anders Ehrling. “But it is also a prerequisite for our ability to meet the intense competition and retain market leadership in the future.”
For further information, please contact:

Anders Ehrling, President of Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, tel + 46 8 797 1937
Andris Zvejnieks, Communications Director, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, tel +46 70 997 4239
Scandinavian Airlines Sverige press service, tel +46 8 797 3330Brief facts regarding SAS Scandinavian Airlines Sverige AB, a subsidiary within the SAS Group:
Passengers per year: Approximately 6 million
Aircraft: 42
Employees: 2,800
Takeoffs/landings: 300 per day
Destinations: 44, from and within Sweden.

Scandinavian Airlines is currently the airline that sells most low-fare tickets in Sweden.

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