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The SAS Group Traffic figures April 2005

May 9, 2005 11:00

SAS Group highlights
•Total passenger traffic (RPK) increased by 2,3% in April 2005 vs 2004.
•The SAS Group transported 3,0 million passengers in April 2005, an increase of 6,3%.
•Overall group passenger load factor decreased by 0,5 p.u. to 64,4% for April 2005 vs. 2004.

Group market trends and yield development
Group total traffic volumes (RPK) increased in April with a growth of 2,3%. Capacity (ASK) increased by 3,1% resulting in a slightly decreased load factor of –0,5 p.u.

Yield for Scandinavian Airlines in March and April must be viewed in total due to the impact of the Easter holidays. Indications show increased yields for the months combined compared with last year of 1-3%. The improvement is due to stable prices and improved yield management as well as effects from fuel charges. The yield pressure is strongest on European routes out from Copenhagen and Swedish domestic routes.

Capacity on intercontinental routes, was almost met by traffic and load factor was down slightly 0,7 p.u. vs last year.
SAS Group European traffic increased by 4,3%. SAS Braathens traffic was up by 6,4%. Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s traffic decreased due to capacity reductions, but passenger load factor was up 2,0 p.u. Passenger load factor on Swedish domestic routes was up 5,6% to 69% positively affected by the new domestic concept. Spanair’s traffic was strong, negatively affected by Easter, but positively affected by growth from new routes. Traffic was up 9,2%.
Blue1 in Finland developed well with an increase in number of passengers of 28,6% and improved load factor by 7,2 p.u.

Traffic and load factor trends were almost unchanged in April. Yields in general are expected to continue to be stable compared with last year, but will be slightly negatively affected by more low fare tickets on key domestic markets.
Yield for March and April combined was up 1-3%vs 2004. Yields going forward will however also be positively affected by new price initiatives designed to offset the increased jet fuel costs. Due to the situation with continued overcapacity and the competitive situation with price pressure in many markets, the overall outlook remains cautious.

Scandinavian Airlines Businesses
•Scandinavian Airlines traffic (RPK) decreased by 3,3% in April 2005 compared with 2004.
•Scandinavian Airlines passenger load factor increased by 0,3 p.u. to 66,9%.
•Load factor on Swedish domestic increased by 5,6 p.u. tp 69,0%

Intercontinental passenger load factor was down 0,7 p.u. and traffic was increasing by 0,4%.
Traffic on the European routes was down primarily due to capacity reductions initiated under Capacity & Utilization focus. Intrascandinavian traffic decreased primarly due to weaker transfer traffic.

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