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The SAS Group Traffic figures June 2005

July 7, 2005 11:00

SAS Group highlights
• Total passenger traffic (RPK) increased by 4,0% in June 2005 vs 2004.
• The SAS Group transported 3,3 million passengers in June 2005, an increase of 4,0%.
• Overall group passenger load factor increased by 1,8 p.u. to 71,6% for June 2005 vs. 2004.
• Scandinavian Airlines Businesses show record load factor of 74,9%.

Group market trends and yield development
Group total traffic volumes (RPK) developed well in June with an increase of 4,0%. Capacity (ASK) increased by 1,4% resulting in an increased load factor of 1,8 p.u.
Yield for Scandinavian Airlines in May 2005 was up by 7% vs. 2004 as a result of yield management, fuel charges, but also weak comparable figures. Yields for June will be reported next month, but early indications show yields approximately the same level as last year. The SAS Group has not imposed any new fuel charges at this point on short/ medium haul routes, but continue to monitor the development of oil/ jet fuel prices.
On long haul routes, Scandinavian Airlines will impose an additional EUR 14 charge/leg as from August 1.

Intercontinental traffic was unchanged in June and passenger load factor was down 1,3 p.u.
SAS Group European traffic increased and passenger load factor improved by 3,4 p.u. SAS Braathens’ traffic increased by 1,6%. The new Swedish domestic concept has been very well received and load factor increased by an impressive 11,6 p.u. to 70,1%. Load factors on the European routes have also improved significantly. Spanair’s traffic was up 12,2% but did not fully meet the capacity increase of 13,3% resulting in a decreased load factor of 0,7 p.u. to 63,4%.
Blue 1 in Finland developed very well with an increase in number of passengers of 18,9% and a 12 p.u. improved load factor to 69,2%.

Traffic and load factor trends continued to improve in June. Yields in general are expected to continue to be stable, but will be slightly negatively affected by more low fare tickets on key domestic markets.
The yield for May was up 7% vs 2004, positively affected by weak comparative figures. Yields for June are expected to be stable vs last year.
Due to the situation with continued overcapacity and the competitive situation with price pressure in many markets, the overall outlook remains cautious.

Scandinavian Airlines Businesses
• Scandinavian Airlines passenger load factor increased by 3,0 p.u. to a record 74,9%.
• Load factor on Swedish domestic increased by 11,6 p.u. to 70,1%

Total intercontinental traffic was in line with 2004. Asian traffic increased by 30,2% almost in line with capacity increase of 31,6%. Overall load factor was down 1,3 p.u. to 85,0%.
Traffic on the European routes was down primarily due to capacity reductions initiated under Capacity & Utilization focus. Load factor increased as a result by 6,6 p.u. to 72,5%. Intrascandinavian traffic was weaker and capacity adjustments did not fully meet decreased demand.

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