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Changes in the Nomination Committee of SAS AB

January 13, 2006 14:55

SAS AB has been informed that the Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Eva Halvarsson, leaving as Head of the Unit for governmental holdings for the Swedish Ministry of Industry, representing the Swedish Government as shareholder, because of change of employer has been replaced by Jonas Iversen, advisor and acting for the Unit for governmental holdings for the Swedish Ministry of Industry.

The Nomination Committee has appointed Jonas Iversen as new Chairman for the Nomination Committee.

The Norwegian shareholder Folketrygdfondet, which in the Nomination Committee is represented by Rune Selmar, has informed that Selmar because of change of employer has left Folketrygdfondet and therefore also his commission as a member of the Nomination Committee. Folketrygdfondet has informed that the CEO of Folketrygdfondet, Lars Tronsgaard, has replaced Selmar as member of the Nomination Committee in SAS AB.

After the above changes the Nomination Committee consists of the following seven persons:

Jonas Iversen (Chairman), Ministry of Swedish Industry for the Swedish Government
Jacob Heinsen, Ministry of Finance, for the Danish Government
Reier Søberg, Norwegian ministry Trade and Industry, for the Norwegian Government
Palle Olsen, for Pen-Sam Liv Forsikringsaktieselskab
Mathias Pedersen, for Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse
Lars Tronsgaard, Folketrygdfondet
Jarl Ulvin, for Odin Forvaltning


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