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First 4DT managed revenue flight performed by SAS to Stockholm Arlanda

January 19, 2006 15:58

On the 19th of January SK007, a SAS B737 aircraft, departed from Luleå bound for Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden. The aircraft performed the first Four Dimensional (4DT) managed revenue flight ever made. It was also the first Advanced Continuous Descent Approach (A-CDA) to Arlanda.

During the flight the Approach Controller and the Tactical Supervisor at Stockholm Arlanda interacted with the aircraft over data link in order to set up the approach procedure and enable the aircraft to calculate its optimum trajectory. The ground system also assigned a Required Time of Arrival (RTA) for the runway threshold.

After the pilots entered the data in the Flight Management System (FMS) the aircraft 4D FMS Trajectory was down linked to the ground system including precise altitudes and times at all waypoints ahead to touchdown. The aircraft then executed an optimized approach procedure and accomplished the previously given RTA constraint within 2 seconds.

“We have very precise FMS on board the aircraft and we have been looking forward to this first flight, where ground systems interact with the aircraft FMS in order to offer optimized operations. The initial results look very promising” says Captain Peter Larsson, Project Leader for SAS Sweden.

The new A-CDA procedures are also called “Green Approaches” as they are aimed to reduce emissions through less fuel burned and noise. The 4DT operations will start in low traffic with SAS Sweden B737 aircraft and dedicated personnel on the ground. During the spring, as confidence and experience increase, these flights will become more common and will be performed on a more regular basis.

4DT operations at Stockholm Arlanda is a part of a partner project called NUP2+. It is funded partly by the EU and its focus is to validate applications to increase the efficiency and safety in the Air Traffic Management system including reducing aircraft fuel burn, emissions and noise.

A large-scale demonstration is planned in Stockholm in April 2006 and the system elements on the air and the groundside will be demonstrated during the ATC Maastricht fair, 14–16th of February.

For more information go to website or contact SAS NUP2+ Project Manager, Peter Larsson +46-(0)70-9976364,

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