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June 27, 2006 10:22

Precise Biometrics AB (publ.) has been selected as the overall supplier toScandinavian Airlines as it becomes the first airline to introduce biometric security checks on domestic flights in Sweden. To guarantee that the person handing the baggage really is the same person boarding the plane, Scandinavian Airlines will be using biometric security solutions at baggage check‐in and boarding gates. Precise Biometrics’ solution means that personal privacy will be maintained, in that the temporarily stored fingerprints are deleted once they have been used.

Passengers will leave their fingerprints in Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint reader at the baggage check‐in, were the fingerprints are temporarily stored. At boarding passengers will provide a new fingerprint, which is then compared (matched) against the temporarily stored print. The procedure verifies that the person who handed in the baggage is the same person boarding the plane. The introduction of fingerprint checks in May is due to the Civil Aviation Administration‘s tightened security requirements for domestic flights. Precise Biometrics won the procurement in competition with several other companies.

“By using biometrics we can make traveling more convenient for our passengers. The only requirement at boarding is the passenger’s finger; no further ID‐document is needed. Thereby we kill two birds with one stone since this technology also means that we meet demands from authorities. Precise Biometrics’ biometric technology is established and we have previously performed tests of the company’s technology with good results”, says Peter Söderlund, Vice President, Product Concepts, SAS.

Airlines are obliged to have a system that guarantees that the person who checks in the baggage on an airline is also on the plane.

“It is gratifying that Scandinavian Airlines is at the forefront of global airlines that use biometrics in order to meet new security requirements made by e.g. EU. Our cooperation with Scandinavian Airlines starts in Sweden, and in the near future we view large‐scale international projects as the next step. We also view this order as a breakthrough in an important market sector”, says Christer Bergman, President and CEO at Precise Biometrics.

For further information, please contact
Christer Bergman, President & CEO, Precise Biometrics AB. Telephone +1(0) 703 405 8255, or +46 (0) 730 35 67 26 E-mail

Peter Söderlund, Vice President, Product Concepts, SAS Telephone +46 8 797 11 04, or +46 709 97 11 04 E-mail

Precise Biometrics AB (publ.) is an innovative security company that supplies world-leading systems fo r fingerprint and smart card-based authentication. The company’s solutions replace keys, PIN codes and passwords and enhance the integrity of ID cards and passports. With its proprietary Precise Match-on-Card™ technology, the company is a market leader within smart ID cards. Through its subsidiary Fyrplus Teknik, Precise Biometrics can deliver complete biometrics solutions on the Scandinavian market based, for example on fingerprint, iris and facial recognition. The product line includes systems for access control to buildings, computers and networks and for integration into ID cards and passports. The group headquarters are in Lund, Sweden. It also has subsidiaries in London and Washington, DC. The subsidiary Fyrplus Teknik is based in Karlstad and has regional offices in Linköping and the subsidiary Loqware is based in Gothenburg. Precise Biometrics is listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange (symbol: PREC A). For more information, please visit

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