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Croatia, Norway and Nice, new additions to SAS Sverige’s 2008 summer traffic program

December 21, 2007 14:57

SAS Sverige is to introduce the new summer destinations of Zagreb and Stavanger. In addition, two routes to Nice will be opened in the summer, one from Ängelholm and one from Växjö. The Stockholm – Tromsö route will also be operated during the summer. Due to increasing demands from customers, there will also be an increase in the number of departures from several Swedish, Scandinavian and European destinations, which will be introduced on March 30.The Stockholm – Zagreb route will commence on March 31 and departures will be on Monday and Friday afternoons from Arlanda. From April 30, there will also be departures to Zagreb on Wednesdays.

The Stockholm – Stavanger route will commence on March 30, with departures on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings.

“The new routes are a continuation of our strong expansion in Europe. Destinations to Croatia and Norway are due to increasing interest in flights to these countries primarily as tourist destinations, but also as business destinations,” says Susanne Dahlberg, Commercial Director for SAS Sverige.

Paris of the North
During the period June 23 to August 22, SAS Sverige will also commence direct flights between Stockholm and Tromsö, the Paris of the North. Stockholm – Tromsö will be operated on Mondays and Fridays with lunchtime departures from Stockholm.

“We have confidence in the direct routes to Norway, for both business travel and tourists. Stavanger is Norway’s center for gas and oil management and European City of Culture 2008. Trondheim and Bergen, which we fly to already, are beautiful cities with many tourists and both are also excellent starting points for those wanting to continue to the Hurtigrutten boat service,” says Susanne Dahlberg.

Largest in Croatia
SAS Sverige has previously announced June 7 as the start date for the Gothenburg – Split route and will also continue flying to Split from Stockholm on Tuesdays and Saturdays. These routes to Croatia will make SAS Sverige the largest airline with direct flights to Croatia from Sweden.

During the summer, SAS Sverige will also introduce Nice as a destination from Växjö and Ängelholm. This means that Nice, which is the main city on the French Riviera, and places in close proximity, Monaco, St Tropez, Cannes and Menton, will become more accessible from Sweden than they have been for many years. During the period July 1 to August 5, flights between Ängelholm and Nice will depart on Tuesdays and flights between Växjö and Nice will depart on Tuesdays during the period August 26 to September 16.

Increased frequencies on several routes
Commencing March 30, SAS Sverige will also increase the number of departures to a large number of destinations on domestic as well as European and Scandinavian routes. There will be at least one additional departure from Stockholm to the cities of Malmö, Luleå, Trondheim, Bergen, Helsinki, Nice, Rome, Barcelona and Athens.

In addition, from February 3, there will be twice the number of departures from Stockholm to Munich. This means that in cooperation with Lufthansa, SAS Sverige will be able to offer six daily departures to Munich.

“The increased number of departures to these cities is a result of an increase in customer demand. Never before have we had as many flights to the major summer destinations of Barcelona, Athens, Nice and Rome from Stockholm. Accordingly, SAS Sverige is strengthening its position as the airline that flies to most destinations and has the most departures. The fact that we are also the airline in Sweden that sells most low-price tickets means that we have a very competitive customer offering,” concludes Susanne Dahlberg.For further information, please contact:

Susanne Dahlberg, Commercial Director, SAS Sverige, +46 70 997 50 74
SAS Sveriges Press Service +46 8 797 33 30

Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, Press ServiceBrief facts about Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, subsidiary within the SAS Group:
Annual passengers: Approximately 6 million
Aircraft: 42
Employees: 2,500
Take-offs/landings: 300 per day
Destinations: 52, from and within Sweden.
Today, Scandinavian Airlines is the airline that sells most low-price tickets in Sweden.

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