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Salaried Employees’ Union strike continues – air traffic also canceled on Sunday, May 27

May 26, 2007 13:47

Negotiations between the Swedish Salaried Employees’ Union/Scandinavian Cabin Crew Association and SAS/Swedish Air Transport Industry Employers’ Association have not yet led to an agreement. Accordingly, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige has been forced to also cancel Sunday’s traffic.

“I share the concern of many of our employees regarding the consequences of the Salaried Employees’ Union strike,” says Lou-Ann Wejke, head of Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s cabin employees.

“If we cannot fly our customers where they want to go, they will opt for other airlines. For every day that the strike continues, the risk of jobs being lost rises. That is why we are now doing everything we can to bring the strike to an end. A positive sign is that the leadership of the Salaried Employees’ Union has now started to become involved in the negotiations,” says Lou-Ann Wejke.

Extent of strike by the Salaried Employees’ Union
SAS Scandinavian Airlines comprises four companies; Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, Scandinavian Airlines Danmark, Scandinavian Airlines Norge and Scandinavian Airlines International. The strike among Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s cabin employees only affects Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s flights. The strike does not affect flights operated by the other airlines.
All of Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s flights remain cancelled due to the strike by the Swedish Salaried Employees’ Union, except for the flights below:

All of Scandinavian Airlines International’s direct flights to and from the US and Asia are operating as scheduled.

All flights operated by Scandinavian Airlines Danmark and Scandinavian Airlines Norge continue to be flown as scheduled, including to/from Sweden.
· Scandinavian Airlines Danmark’s flights between Copenhagen and Stockholm are identified by flight numbers beginning with 400
· Scandinavian Airlines Norge’s flights between Oslo and Stockholm are identified by flight numbers beginning with 800
· Scandinavian Airlines Danmark is operating all flights between Gothenburg and Copenhagen
· Scandinavian Airlines Danmark is operating all flights between Jönköping and Copenhagen
· Scandinavian Airlines Danmark is operating flights SK1631/SK1632 between Gothenburg and Frankfurt

Continuously updated information, and the rules for rebooking and refunds are available at
For further information please contact:
Press Service, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, tel: +46-8-797 33 30
Brief facts about Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, a subsidiary within the SAS Group:
Passengers per year: About 6 million
Aircraft: 42
Employees: 2,500
Take-offs/landings: 300 per day
Destinations: 44, from and within Sweden.

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