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SAS conducts additional checks of its Q400 fleet in addition to official requirements

September 10, 2007 21:40

SAS customers and employees must be able to be confident that flight safety is SAS’ first priority.

Following Sunday’s accident in Aalborg, in Denmark, in which one of the landing gears of a Q400 type aircraft collapsed on landing, SAS has today, September 10, conducted discussions with aircraft producer Bombardier.

The producer has confirmed that what happened in Aalborg has never occurred before with this aircraft type at any airline in the world.

SAS conducts regular checks and maintenance programs that meet official requirements.
However, after consultation with Bombardier and although this must be regarded as an isolated incident, SAS has decided to implement a number of extraordinary checks of the landing gear on the entire fleet of Q400 aircraft. These checks are additional to official requirements.

A special inspection of all aircraft of the type in question will be conducted without delay. Work will commence immediately and all aircraft are expected to be inspected within four days.

SAS does not expect that these extraordinary inspections, which are now being conducted in consultation with the producer, will affect scheduled traffic.

At the same time, the Scandinavian civil aviation authorities, through the Skandinavisk Tillsynskontor (STK), will be continuously informed about the program.

SAS Group Corporate Communications

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