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SAS Group Management from June 14, 2007

June 13, 2007 16:35

In conjunction with the launch of Strategy 2011, the SAS Group Management was also presented today.

The basic principle is to achieve a more distinct connection between Group Management and the operations, based on the current decentralization model. Above all, there will be an increase in coordination within the commercial area.

Group Management

From June 14, SAS’s new Group Management will comprise of six persons:

Mats Jansson, President and CEO. From August 15, Mats will also assume chairmanship of the companies within Individually Branded Airlines.

John S. Dueholm, responsible for the business area Scandinavian Airlines and STS. John was also appointed Deputy CEO.

Gunilla Berg, CFO. Gunilla has been appointed Executive Vice President.

Benny Zakrisson, responsible for the Group’s structure and strategy issues. Benny also becomes Chairman of SGS and SAS Cargo Group.

Svein Oppegaard, Acting Executive Vice President, Corporate Human Resources

Hans Ollongren, Acting Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

Since structural issues will play an increasingly key role at SAS in the next few years, a function responsible for structure and strategic issues has been added to Group Management.

A coordinated function responsible for information/communications/investor relations will also be included in Group Management.

New heads will be recruited during the year for positions within HR and information/communications/IR.

When a new Senior Vice President Corporate Communications has been appointed, Hans Ollongren will take up the position as adviser to the President and responsible for the Group’s international relations, community and official contacts, including environmental issues.

SAS Group Corporate Communications

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