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SAS Sverige accepts mediators’ proposal

May 18, 2007 17:50

The proposal presented by the mediators during the afternoon was accepted by the Swedish Air Transport Industry Employers’ Association/Scandinavian Airlines Sverige. The proposal was not accepted by the Swedish Salaried Employees’ Union/Scandinavian Cabin Crew Association (HTF/SCCA).

The proposal contained a cost framework of 10.2 percent over three years, in which the parties, annually and with application of the no-strike rule, shall agree how the salary increase is to be distributed. Accordingly, there is scope to distribute the salary increases for salary adjustment and/or changes in the terms and conditions of service.

According to its own information, HTF has recently signed 12 collective agreements in various industries that all have a cost framework of 10.2 percent. Within the airline industry, HTF recently signed the “local aviation agreement” with terms of 38 months and 10.3 percent. The local aviation agreement encompasses cabin employees of Skyways and Golden Air.

“I have great difficulty in understanding why HTF places more extensive demands for cost increases on SAS Sverige than on our components. SAS Sverige’s cabin employees already have an agreement with better terms than cabin crew who are employed by competing airlines that are also organized by HTF. This applies to salaries, pensions, insurance and service terms,” says Anders Ehrling, President of SAS Sverige.

“Mediation is continuing, but HTF must now take its responsibility and demonstrate an active approach. I cannot accept that we receive discriminatory treatment in the Swedish market,” says Anders Ehrling.

Communications Department Scandinavian Airlines Sverige
For further information, please contact:
Anders Ehrling, President, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, tel: +46-709 97 19 37
Press Service, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, tel: +46-8-797 33 30

Brief facts about Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, a subsidiary within the SAS Group:
Annual number of passengers: About 6 million
Aircraft: 42
Employees: 2,500
Take-offs/landings: 300 per day
Destinations: 51, from and within Sweden.
Scandinavian Airlines is now the airline that sells the most low-price tickets in Sweden.

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