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Traffic stoppage continues – Scandinavian Airlines Sverige forced to cancel traffic to, from and within Sweden on Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 25, 2007 15:12

Negotiations have so far been non-productive. Accordingly, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige has decided to also cancel traffic on Saturday. Continuously updated information on the current traffic situation and the SAS flights to and from Sweden that are not affected by the strike, and the rules for rebooking and refunds are available at

“Would it not be natural that SAS, as the Swedish Salaried Employees’ Union’s single largest member company, be permitted to meet union management in the negotiations on industrial action that is so important to so many of the union’s members? The future of Scandinavian Airlines Sverige and the SAS Group is on the line, and accordingly, so is the future of perhaps 3,000 of the Salaried Employees’ Union members,” says Anders Ehrling, President of Scandinavian Airlines Sverige.

“We have presented good solutions to the demands that the Salaried Employees’ Union prioritized in its original list of 38 demands. This list includes the issue of meal breaks.

“Negotiations have reached a stalemate in issues of power that the union has chosen to pursue. The consequence of these demands will be that the union will govern the company’s operations, something that we of course cannot accept. What other employer would agree to relinquishing the entire responsibility for personnel planning, the recruitment of managers and the scheduling of working hours?

“And if we have understood the demands of the Salaried Employees’ Union correctly, it would appear that the union’s members will not want to work when our customers wish to fly, for example on Boxing Day (December 26), early in the morning and late in the evening. What other employer would accept being forced to employ extra personnel to provide customers with the basic level of service that they require?

“Naturally, we cannot accept demands that so clearly weaken Scandinavian Airlines Sverige’s competitiveness and that widely exceed the frameworks applicable in the Swedish labor market and for our competitors,” concludes Anders Ehrling.
Corporate Communications Scandinavian Airlines Sverige

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