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Fingerprint recognition to be introduced at Arlanda and

January 29, 2008 14:26

SAS Sverige is introducing a biometric solution for baggage handling at Arlanda and
Landvetter to provide customers with simpler and smoother travel. Approximately 50
percent of all passengers on SAS’s domestic flights travel with baggage and will be able
to utilize the biometric solution.The entire solution enables passengers to provide fingerprints when checking in their
baggage, where the fingerprints will be stored temporarily. Upon boarding, the passenger
will once again provide his/her fingerprint, which is then matched with the fingerprint
that was given at the baggage check-in counter. The aim of the biometric solution is to
ensure that the person checking in the baggage is also the one boarding the aircraft, but in
a smoother manner than today. Matching the baggage and person is a legal requirement
and is implemented today using ordinary ID documents.
“Identifying yourselves by providing fingerprints will facilitate our customers’ travel and
is entirely voluntary since the use of ordinary ID documents is still an option. Personal
integrity is protected because the information concerning the fingerprint is erased at the
end of the flight,” says Susanne Dahlberg, Commercial Director for SAS Sverige.
The biometric solution will simplify the self-service flow even more for passengers on the
ground. The biometric solution for baggage handling has already been implemented at
SAS Sverige’s domestic destinations (with the exception of Örnsköldsvik) since
December 2006.
“Surveys from our domestic destinations show that customers are very positive to
biometrics and the possibility of facilitating travel. Consequently, passengers travelling
with SAS from Arlanda and Gothenburg should also be given the opportunity to utilize
this option. The next step is that we are also planning to make this possible for our
customers on international flights,” says Susanne Dahlberg.
From January 29, the biometric solution will be in operation from Arlanda to Luleå and
Gothenburg and from Gothenburg to Arlanda. A few days lager, the solution will be fully
functional to and from all SAS Sverige’s domestic routes (with the exception of
Örnsköldsvik).For further information, please contact:
SAS Sverige’s press office +46 8 797 3330Communications Department Scandinavian Airlines Sverige
Brief facts about Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, a subsidiary of the SAS Group: Annual passengers: Approx. 6 million Aircraft: 42 Employees: 2,500 Takeoffs/landings: 300 per day Destinations: 53, from and within Sweden. Scandinavian Airlines is now the airline that sells most low-fare tickets in Sweden.

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