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Invitasjon til grønn innflyving på ARN

February 28, 2008 11:32

SAS Sverige skal neste onsdag ha en demonstrasjon av grønn innflyving på Arlanda, og de har også plass til noen norske journalister om du ønsker å være med. SAS Sverige har gjennomført over 1000 slike landinger i samarbeid med svensk Air Traffic Control. Vår egen flåte i Norge er klar for slike landinger, og vi jobber med å få Avinor med på tester i år.

Påmelding til:

Mvh. Thomas Midteide
SAS NorgePress invitation

On the 5th of March SAS Scandinavian Airlines Sweden, LFV Stockholm – Arlanda Airport and LFV Air Navigation Services invites you to take part in a Green Approach.

The Green Approach is when the approach of an airplane is planned far in advance in the flight and it is therefore possible to know the exact time of arrival. On smaller airports this is done manually, but on larger hubs like Arlanda this is computer aided by a data link connection from the autopilot to the Air Traffic Control computers. This makes it possible for the pilot to fly with caution and glide for the major part of the route with less noise and emission as a result.

Since February 2006 SAS and LFV have conducted over 2000 of the more advanced green approaches that is done at Arlanda Airport. The green approach concept has been a trial concept on how to make air traffic more efficient and to reduce CO2 discharge. On a normal domestic SAS flight approximately 8 % or 150 kilos of fuel is saved, when using the green approach concept.

On flight SK7011 on the 5th of March we will present the findings from the green approaches so far, how to work further with green flights and the vision of what we see for the air traffic in the future.

You will also be able to have an on board experience of a green approach, with on board guidance of what is done in every step of a green approach. You will also be given the opportunity to put questions to the representatives of the organizations:

Anders Ehrling, CEO, SAS Sweden
Kerstin Lindberg Göransson, Managing Director. LFV Stockholm – Arlanda Airport
Thomas Allard, Director, LFV Air Navigation Services
Peeter Puusepp, Secretary General, The Swedish Air Transport Society.

If you like to participate on this event please send e-mail to

Time: 12.30 (local time) on the 5th of March – estimated time of arrival 15.00
Place: Terminal 4, Arlanda Airport, Stockholm
Other: bring a valid id card or passport for identification when checking in.

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