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More people like SAS

December 15, 2008 16:00

SAS is the airline for which customer satisfaction has increased the most this year. This was the finding presented today by Svensk Kvalitetsindex (Swedish Quality Index) for passenger travel in 2008. SAS thus achieved its highest rating for customer satisfaction since the survey began.“We have worked on our punctuality and service. This is the result,” says Anders Ehling, President of SAS Sweden.

SAS is now Europe’s most punctual airline, as shown by figures from the Association of European Airlines (AEA) as recently as last week. Customers also appreciate SAS’s technical solutions that make travel simpler and more efficient.

“It is gratifying that SAS has advanced in the Swedish quality survey at the same time as we are Europe’s most punctual airline,” says Anders Ehrling.

SAS has advanced in all areas measured by the Swedish quality index. The greatest advance was in the SAS image, which improved by 6 percentage points. Product quality, service and value for money were also areas in which customer satisfaction improved.

Customer satisfaction increased by 4 percentage points, which was more than for any other Swedish company in the sector for passenger travel by air, rail or road.

For further information:
Niclas Härenstam, Press Officer, SAS in Sweden, +46 709 97 18 25

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