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New seat prognosis for EuroBonus trips wins award for SAS

March 25, 2008 08:00

SAS’ customer loyalty program, EuroBonus, has won an award for the introduction of a tool that assists customers in searching and locating available tickets for their EuroBonus points.The new search function, Seat Prognosis, allows members to search via for available seats to several destinations and have an overview of the number of seats that are available and on which departures. It is also possible to search a number of destinations and receive a general view of the number of bonus seats available on that specific day. The system has strongly increased the number of bookings of bonus tickets.

“We are experiencing a strong influx of new members and we will continue to provide our EuroBonus members with competitive offerings, and simple solutions are an important part of this. Examples of the functionality and activities that we provide include, in addition to Seat Prognosis, extra points in conjunction with the purchase of trips for new members (the next opportunity will be between April 1 and May 31) and the possibility to book discounted EuroBonus trips on the 15th of each month,” says Ulf Hermansson-Samell, Marketing Director, SAS Sverige.

“A trend among passengers is the desire to plan their trips themselves using the Internet. Consequently, Seat Prognosis fulfils an important function by satisfying the customer’s flexibility,” says Ulf Hermansson-Samell.

SAS EuroBonus has 2.6 million members and every year about 170,000 new members are added from around the globe. As member, points are collected when you fly or use the EuroBonus card combined with a credit card (MasterCard or Diners). Points can be used to travel, upgrade tickets or book hotels and rental cars worldwide.

The award given to EuroBonus, a silver medal at the Global Flights Frequent Flyer Program, was presented in mid-March in conjunction with the annual Frequent Flyer Program Conference, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey.
Read more about SAS EuroBonus at:
For more information, please contact:
Ulf Hermansson-Samell, Marketing Director, SAS Sverige, +46 (0)70-997 40 40
SAS Sveriges Press Service, +46 (0)8-797 33 30Communications Department Scandinavian Airlines Sverige
Brief facts about Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, a subsidiary of the SAS Group:
Passengers per year: Approx. 6 million
Aircraft: 35
Employees: 2,000
Takeoffs/landings: 300 per day
Destinations: 52, from and within Sweden.
Scandinavian Airlines is now the airline that sells the highest number of low-price tickets in Sweden.

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