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SAS strengthens offering to Milan

February 28, 2008 10:45

It will now be simpler to fly with SAS to Italy. As of April 16, SAS is to increase the number of departures between Stockholm and Milan. This increase will involve an additional afternoon departure between Arlanda and Malpensa on Wednesdays and Fridays. SAS now flies nine times a week direct to Milan from Stockholm.The increased demand for SAS flights to Milan has led to SAS adding another departure. On Wednesdays and Fridays, the morning return flight between Arlanda and Milan’s Linate Airport will be supplemented by an afternoon flight between Arlanda and Malpensa Airport. The new departures will commence on April 16 and tickets can already be purchased.

“We know that there is extensive interest in Milan among our business and leisure travelers. As other international airlines have reduced their departures between Milan and Stockholm, demand has increased further. It is positive to be able to listen to our customers and provide more Swedes smoother and more rapid access to Italy,” says Susanne Dahlberg, Commercial Director at Scandinavian Airlines.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists and business travelers visit Milan, Europe’s fashion capital and Italy’s financial center. In addition to the city’s impressive offering of design and fashion, there is a rich cultural offering. Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” the La Scala opera house and the cathedral are just some examples. For travelers who visit the city over a weekend, it is often the many stores and exciting nightlife that are attractive. But Milan’s local restaurants are also popular haunts. Many tourists visit them for long lunches, with Ossobuco and Risotto alla milanese. Milan is also known for soccer, with the world-renowned clubs AC Milan och Inter.


Stockholm – Milan
Mon 09:10 – 11:50 (ARN- LIN)
Tues 09:10 – 11:50 (ARN- LIN)
Wed 09:10 – 11:50 (ARN- LIN)14:55 – 17:35 (ARN- MXP)
Thurs 09:10 – 11:50 (ARN- LIN)
Fri 09:10 – 11:50 (ARN- LIN)14:55 – 17:35 (ARN- MXP)
Sat 08:15 – 10:55 (ARN-LIN)
Sun 13:30 – 16:10 (ARN-LIN)

Milan – Stockholm
Mon 12:50 – 15:35 (LIN-ARN)
Tues 12:50 – 15:35 (LIN-ARN)
Wed 12:50 – 15:35 (LIN-ARN) 18:35 – 21:20 (MXP-ARN)
Thurs 12:50 – 15:35 (LIN-ARN)
Fri 12:50 – 15:35 (LIN-ARN)18:35 – 21:20 (MXP-ARN)
Sat 11:55 – 14:40 (LIN-ARN)
Sun 17:00 – 19:45 (LIN-ARN)

Communications Department Scandinavian Airlines Sverige
For further information, please contact:
Susanne Dahlberg, Commercial Director, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, tel: +46-70 997 5074
Scandinavian Airlines Sverige press service. Tel: +46-8-7973330Brief facts about Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, a subsidiary of the SAS Group:
Annual passengers: Approx. 6 million
Aircraft: 42
Employees: 2,500
Takeoffs/landings: 300 per day
Destinations: 53, from and within Sweden.
Scandinavian Airlines is now the airline that sells most low-fare tickets in Sweden.

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