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The SAS Group Traffic figures September 2008

October 7, 2008 11:00

SAS Group’s September traffic figures
• SAS Group’s traffic decreased by 6.7% during September and seat capacity was up 1,7% vs 2007.
• SAS Group carried 3.3 million passengers in September, down 8.4% vs 2007.
• Total load factor was down by 6.3 p.u. to 69.6%.

Group market trends and yield development
Yield for Scandinavian Airlines in August was up by 4,9%, higher than indicated last month. For September 2008, the change in yield is expected to improve further.

The market is now characterized by lower demand due to weaker macroeconomic development in Scandinavia and Europe. The challnges within the credit market will most likely result in an even more difficult macroeconomic environment. The imposed fuel surcharges are gradually supporting the yield and are expected to continue to stabilize yield going forward. The SAS Group is currently implementing measures – Profit 2008 – to secure the result development in 2008. The measures comprises both revenue enhancing and cost measures totaling 1,5 SEK billion. Capacity reductions of 10% as announced earlier will gradually start to take effect later this autumn. The program is running according to set out plan.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines
• Traffic decreased by 1.9% in September
• The load factor decreased by 6.6 p.u to 71.2%.

Scandinavian Airlines International’s total intercontinental traffic was down by 3.2% vs last year and capacity was in line with last year. Traffic grew by 3% on the US routes but was down 11% on Asian routes. The passenger load factor decreased by 2.9 p.u to 85.6%.

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