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Voters and the choice of vacation

January 2, 2008 14:21

Those who support the Swedish governing Alliance (non-socialist bloc) parties want to bathe, while opposition supports prefer to merely relax. But people of all political colors want to travel this summer. Moderate Party and Center Party sympathizers want to play golf. Liberal Party, Christian Democrat Party and Social Democratic Party supporters prefer to bathe. Supporters of the Left and Green Parties want to relax. Left Party supporters also dream about fishing. These are the results of a survey commissioned by SAS.The most popular country is Italy, which is particularly favored by Liberals. Left Party supporters favor Greece more than the others, and the Christian Democrats are more interested in Spain.
One of the most decisive factors for everyone in the choice of summer travel is warmth. For Green Party electors, it is important that there is a lot to experience and discover. One in four mentions this, compared with only 7 percent of other voters. Left Party supporters are the only ones that let finances determine their choice of destination. This is mentioned as a deciding factor by 10 percent, compared with a mere 1 to 5 percent of the others. Christian Democrats prefer to be in a summer cottage – an alternative that was nearly nonexistent among the others. But the aim of this was not to lie in a hammock, but to fix things and paint and take care of the garden. Liberal Party supporters want a cultural experience.
“In that case, the 2008 European City of Culture, Stavanger in Norway, could be an appropriate choice. SAS Sverige is to launch direct flights to Stavanger on March 30,” says Ulf Hermansson Samell, SAS Sverige’s Marketing Director.
All of the groups usually bring things home with them from their travels. Purchases differ slightly. One in four supporters of the government coalition prefers to buy clothes, while one in three opposition supporters buy souvenirs. Clothes attract Center Party supporters most of all, while Left Party electors are least like to buy these items. Left Party supporters find attractive books on vacation instead.
Most people seem to have stopped smoking – only 2 percent of Left Party members buy tobacco. The figure is zero for the others! Alcohol is more popular: One in five Moderates and Liberals but alcohol and the other parties’ sympathizers are not far behind. The Center Party is an exception, with only 6 percent wanting to bring a bottle of spirits home. Liberal and Green Party supporters also buy food products.
The survey of 750 Swedish women was conducted by Synovate in December 2007.For further information, please contact:
Ulf Hermansson Samell, Marketing Director, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, tel: +46-70 997 40 40Communications Department Scandinavian Airlines Sverige
Brief facts about Scandinavian Airlines Sverige, a subsidiary of the SAS Group: Annual passengers: Approx. 6 million Aircraft: 42 Employees: 2,500 Takeoffs/landings: 300 per day Destinations: 53, from and within Sweden. Scandinavian Airlines is now the airline that sells most low-fare tickets in Sweden.

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