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SAS to launch Facebook competition

August 20, 2009 09:00

In conjunction with the launch of SAS’s major sales campaign today, the airline will for the first time make full use of Facebook. A competition will be opened on Facebook during the 12-day period of the sales campaign between August 20 and 31.
Scandinavians are being encouraged to be more spontaneous under the slogan of “Let destiny pick your destination. Let Facebook pick your travel partner.” All contestants will spin a globe that will land on a randomly selected destination. The game will then scroll through pictures of all of the contestant’s Facebook friends and destiny will decide who is chosen.

The contestant will have the chance of winning a trip for themselves and their chosen Facebook friend to the destination, provided that they can explain why they should win a trip together.

Each Facebook member may participate in the competition only once, but there is a chance of being chosen as a travel partner every time a new friend plays the game.

SAS will give away trips for two to a total of 100 Facebook members.

Go directly to and join the competition.

For further information about the sales campaign, visit www.flysas.comFor further information:
SAS Press Office +46 8 797 2944

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