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Swedish government chooses SAS for domestic travel

August 19, 2009 14:16

SAS has secured a contract to provide domestic travel for Swedish government employees. The results of the procurement process were announced today by the Swedish Armed Forces Logistics, SWAFLOG, and the contract applies to all government agencies, departments, institutes of higher education and universities. For SAS, the agreement is valued at SEK 250 M, with a potential for twice this amount.SAS secured the contract with the government for all Swedish domestic routes operated by the carrier, from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south. The government’s main parameter was a low price.

”This shows that SAS offers attractive prices that can be compared with competitors. The size of SAS is our strength. A company often only needs to have one contract with us to satisfy all of their travel requirements. And the more extensive the agreements, the lower the price,” says Lars-Ove Filipson, VP Sales and Distribution at SAS in Sweden.

”SAS has the highest number of destinations and departures. Given that we are one of the most punctual airlines in Europe, much valuable time can be saved for government employees,” says Peter Viinapuu, COO of SAS in Sweden.

The agreement is valid from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010, with the option of a one-year extension. The Swedish government is the single largest and most important customer for SAS in Sweden.
Government employees mostly travel on the routes between Stockholm and Luleå, Malmö and Ronneby.For further information:
Lars-Ove Filipson, VP Sales and Distribution, Sweden, +46 (0) 709 97 35 78
Niclas Härenstam, Head of Press Relations, Sweden, +46 (0) 709 97 18 25

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