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SAS expects near full traffic program as of April 22

April 21, 2010 17:19

SAS Scandinavian Airlines would like to inform its customers that it expects to operate close to 75% of full scheduled flight program as of tomorrow, April 22. All SAS hubs across Scandinavia will tomorrow be reopened, as will almost all European airports. SAS expects full operations by Friday, April 23.

For details on which flights will operate, please visit,, or, which are updated continuously.

Customers with a booking for a scheduled flight tomorrow are prioritized and SAS urges customers on these flights to check-in online as early as possible (SAS’ online check-in service opens 22 hours prior to departure). Due to the extraordinary situation, SAS has temporarily closed its SMS check-in, which is normally sent 22 hours prior to departure. This service will be restored once normal flight operations have resumed. Customers who have been rebooked to a later date than tomorrow can contact our sales office to rebook for an earlier flight, pending availability. It is also possible to purchase seats online for the flights scheduled for tomorrow.For more information, please contact:
SAS press duty Denmark (+45 32323135), Norway (+47 64 81 88 00) and Sweden (+46 8 7972944)

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