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SAS Group's Financial Calendar 2011

December 8, 2010 16:00

The SAS Group plans to release interim- and annual reports in 2011 as follows:
Year end report 2010                                           February 9, 2011
Annual report 2010                                               March 17, 2011
Interim Report Jan-Mar 2011                               May 10, 2011
Interim Report Apr-Jun 2011                               August 17, 2011
Interim Report Jul-Sep 2011                                November 8, 2011
Annual General Meeting
SAS AB’s AGM is planned to take place on 11 April, 2011.
Monthly Traffic Data
The SAS Group Monthly Traffic Data will during 2011 normally be published on the fifth working day of each month at 11 am (CET). (December traffic data will, however, be released on 11 January 2011).

The dates of the publications can be changed. For precise dates, please see under Investor Relations/Financial calendar.

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