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SAS’s comments on the EU Commission’s guidelines for financial support to the airline industry.

April 27, 2010 13:45

Today the EU Commission presented its guidelines for financial support to the airline industry following the Icelandic volcano eruption.SAS notes that the Commission is following the line that SAS and the rest of the industry has recommended, not only with respect to short-term liquidity measures, but also in the matter of total compensation for the direct and indirect costs that the industry incurred as a result of the suspension of flights.

The Commission’s report will be discussed among the EU’s transport ministers next week.

“The Commission’s guidelines provide a sound and clear foundation for the industry’s continued discussions with the Scandinavian governments when we address the financial consequences of this natural disaster,” says Mats Jansoon, President and CEO of SAS in a comment.

“It is now important that these guidelines are applied in a consistent manner in all of Europe so that there is not a distortion of competition between Europe’s airlines. The ultimate issue concerns securing infrastructure that is important to society.

“It is essential that work continues at a high tempo so that our transport ministers can take a joint decision regarding these principles for compensation at their meeting next week. Forceful and coordinated political action at the European level is now more important than ever,” concludes Mats Jansson.

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