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SAS Group's January 2011 traffic figures

February 7, 2011 11:00

 • SAS Group’s traffic (RPK) increased by 5.4% during January and capacity (ASK) increased 8.2% vs same period 2010.

• The passenger load factor decreased by 1.7 p.u. to 63.9%.

• SAS Group carried 1.8 million passengers in January, up 7.8%.

Group market trends, RASK and yield development

During December 2010, currency adjusted RASK was up 11% reflecting improvement in the load factor, positive cargo development as well as some one offs effects. The underlying RASK is estimated to be flat in December.  The currency adjusted yield in December was down 8.2% but adjusted for the increase in stage length, due to more intercontinental capacity, the yield was down 5-6%. For January 2011, passenger yield (change vs last year) is expected to improve compared with the December outcome. RASK is expected to be slightly positive. Jet fuel prices have increased to over USD 900/MT. On 22 February, Scandinavian Airlines will increase jet fuel surcharges on domestic and international routes between EUR 3-5 per segment as from February 22.

The market remains unpredictable particularly yield development due to overcapacity in certain markets. Due to high load factors RASK has been relatively stable. A recovery has been noted on Asian routes, domestic and Intrascandinavian routes. Scandinavian Airlines is continuously improving its premium product and a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction has been achieved. The implementation of the cost saving program is on track.

The SAS Group will publish the 2010 year-end report on 9 February 2011 at 08.00 CET.

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