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SAS Group's April 2013 traffic figures

May 8, 2013 11:00
  • SAS Group’s capacity (ASK) was up by 10.4% and the Group’s traffic (RPK) increased by 1.5%.
  • The SAS Group’s load factor decreased by 6.1 p.u. to 69.5%.
  • SAS Group carried 2.5 million passengers in April, up 6.5%.

Group market trends, RASK and yield development

The traffic continued to develop as expected during April with number of passengers growing primarily on shorter routes. However, despite good response to the increased capacity, demand did not match and the load was lower, due to the timing of Easter and also due to the launch of 8 European routes since 31 March where demand still is seasonally relatively low.

Currency adjusted yield (Scandinavian Airlines) in March 2013 was down 2.7% versus previous year and RASK was down 3.9%, due to the timing of Easter as expected. In April 2013 the change in yield vs. last year is expected to be positive and the change in RASK to be in line with last year.

Overall, the market demand continues to be good. Despite yield has been somewhat more stable in recent months, the over capacity on certain routes adds uncertainty to the yield and RASK outlook going forward and the SAS Group expects a negative trend for the RASK and yield for the full year 2012/13. The capacity increase for 2012/13 is expected to be approximately 5-6%.

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