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Take off: A new SAS in Europe

June 5, 2013 12:33

Sunday 9 June marks the launch of the new SAS service concept. SAS Go and SAS Plus will replace Business Class, Economy Extra and Economy Class. This change is a pro-active investment on SAS’ journey to create the most modern flight experience in Europe.This new service concept was developed in close dialogue with SAS customers and employees. Ideas have also been posted in the My SAS Idea forum.

“The service classes that were created 30 years ago do not reflect the needs of the modern traveller. Time is now in short supply for most people, and our customers want time efficiency and attractive prices, without any hidden charges. SAS Go and SAS Plus meet both of these needs,” says Rickard Gustafson, CEO and Group President of SAS.

Developed for people who fly regularly

The number of passengers who travel more than five times a year is increasing. Traditionally, flying used to be divided into business trips and leisure trips, but passengers now want the same convenience and comfort whether they are travelling on business or for leisure.

“SAS’ most important job is to get customers where they want to go, when they want to go, and to do this as simply as possible. Modern travellers want simplicity and convenience on their journeys, both when they are travelling for business or pleasure. The new service concept gives these passengers exactly what they want,” says Rickard Gustafson.

The prices for SAS Go are similar to the prices of the old Economy tickets. With SAS Plus passengers get better value for money as the ‘from price’ is on average around 30 percent lower than the ‘from price’ of today’s flexible products. And they include more services.

What you need is included

The price of the new service concept includes more than before. SAS Go always includes a checked bag at no extra charge, newspapers, coffee or tea on board, as well as several services to save time, including mobile check-in, and seat selection. SAS Plus includes two checked bags at no extra cost, SAS Fast Track, lounge access, meals and drinks onboard, as well as double the number of EuroBonus points; all of this is on top of the benefits offered by SAS Go. Breakfast is served to all passengers on domestic flights in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

This change to SAS Go and SAS Plus also includes a brand new concept on board, with the traditional airplane tray being replaced by an airborne cafe. The launch of Our Cafe will see all passengers on board being offered the same range of food and drink.

Facts about SAS Go and SAS Plus

SAS Go – a lot SAS Plus – more

· 24-hour refund policy · 24-hour refund policy
· Tickets can be changed · Tickets can be changed
for a fee and refunded for free
· 1 piece of baggage up to · 2 pieces of baggage up
23 kg per person to 23 kg per person
· Child discount · Child discount
· Internet check-in, by · Internet check-in, by
SAS app, SMS or at the SAS app, SMS or at the
airport airport
· Mobile boarding pass · Mobile boarding pass
· Choose your seat free of · Choose your seat free of
charge charge (front of aircraft)
· Newspaper, coffee and · Newspaper, coffee and
tea included tea included
· Free breakfast before · Breakfast always
9am on Nordic domestic included
flights · Food and drinks onboard
· Food and drinks on board included
for purchase · 200% EuroBonus points
· 100% EuroBonus points · Access to Lounges
· Access to Fast Track
where available

For further information, please contact:
Malin Selander
Head of Media Relations Sweden
Telephone: +46 70 997 4065
E-mail: Malin.Selander@sas.seSAS is Scandinavia’s leading airline with daily flights to destinations in Europe, USA and Asia. SAS is a member of Star Alliance ™ ( and, together with 26 partners we offer over 1300 destinations worldwide inmore than 190 countries. For more information, visit

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