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SAS launches new editorial concept

October 2, 2014 08:00

SAS is launching a new editorial concept called Scandinavian Traveler. This is the first part of a strategy that sees a greater emphasis on SAS’s own channels, in particular the digital ones. This will mean saying goodbye to onboard magazine Scanorama and OTW becoming a new SAS partner.

The new editorial brand Scandinavian Traveler is being rolled out in November and consists of a new onboard magazine, website, web TV, social media content, and newsletters. It will provide broader content that builds on the varied interests of SAS passengers.

“We get over 100 million hits on our website every year and every day 80,000 people travel with us. We want to offer them high-quality content that inspires and informs, through the channels that are most suitable at the time, both before, during and after their trip,” says Stefan Hedelius, Vice President Brand & Marketing at SAS.

When SAS decided to refresh the content in its own channels, it needed an agency that could take editorial communication to another level.

“We developed a strategy with a digital focus. SAS passengers get to meet interesting people in all industries around the world. The common link to all the stories is travel. It is travel that ties it all together, whether we are writing about technology, the latest food trends or meeting an exciting entrepreneur,” says Anders Rask, CEO of OTW Communication.

Scandinavian Traveler will be a key part of SAS’s focus on content in its own channels and the aim is to create reading material and movies that reach a wide audience.

“We are adopting an ambitious focus on content through our new concept. SAS is in a high-interest industry, where well-produced content is becoming increasingly important. So we are hitting the accelerator and doing more things in more channels. The entire initiative is in line with our new marketing strategy, which we call `We Are Travelers'” says Stefan Hedelius.

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Edström, Press Officer SAS
Tel: +46 70 997 25 42

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