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Bid to upgrade your SAS flight

April 13, 2016 08:19

From April 25, it will be easy for SAS customers to bid for an upgrade to Plus or Business. This will give more customers a greater opportunity to enjoy SAS’s best products. 

SAS is launching a simple and flexible way to bid on an upgrade, whether you are flying to the USA, Asia, Europe, or within the Nordic region. The new product is called SAS Upgrade and it lets you decide how much you want to bid for an upgrade to SAS Plus or SAS Business. You can even pay with EuroBonus points. In other words – SAS customers just have to decide how much they are willing to pay in order to enjoy the benefits of, for example, Lounge access, Fast Track or a Sleeper Seat on their next trip. The highest bids win the upgrade.

“We are always striving to develop new and innovative offers for our customers,” says Stephanie Smitt Lindberg, VP Customer Journey at SAS. “We are now giving our customers the opportunity to bid on an upgrade and get a good deal. This will give more of our customers a much greater opportunity to enjoy SAS’s best products.”

It will be possible to pay for the upgrade with both EuroBonus points and payment cards, and a brand new feature is that upgrades on domestic and European flights can also be paid for with EuroBonus points. Another new addition is that bonus points are also earned on the upgrade. Flights can be upgraded to SAS Plus within the Nordic region and Europe, and to SAS Plus or SAS Business on long-haul journeys to the USA and Asia.

Bids for an upgrade can be made immediately after booking and up to 48 hours before departure. Customers will receive notification by email of whether their bid has been accepted 36 hours before departure. Payment for an upgrade is only made once a bid has been accepted. Bids can be amended or retracted up to 48 hours before departure.

Upgrading to SAS Plus provides a range of benefits, including: Fast Track (faster through security), Lounge access (with Wi-Fi, computer workstations, attractive environment, food, beverages, newspapers, etc.), food and beverages on board, as well as more EuroBonus points.

An upgrade to SAS Business provides additional benefits such as a Sleeper seat, a comfort kit, a restaurant experience on board, and even more EuroBonus points.

The new upgrade page can be found at from April 25 and is a brand new page that is both simpler and more technologically advanced.

The new upgrade option is supplied by Plusgrade. SAS Upgrade replaces upgrading via Optiontown. It will still be possible to buy upgrades at the airport, from 22 hours before departure.

For more information, please contact:

SAS pressoffice, phn 46 8 797 2944

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