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SAS Silent Morning Flights means quieter mornings onboard

June 1, 2016 09:00

SAS morning flights are set to become a quieter experience. SAS travelers who are regular morning flyers will now be able to enjoy a new service – SAS Silent Morning Flights. The crew will give their customary welcome on board, after which there will be no service communication between the safety briefing and just before landing.

SAS is always trying to improve its services for frequent flyers in Scandinavia. The company’s latest initiative is being trialled right now and will eliminate most in-flight announcements, with the exception of the safety briefing, from flights departing prior to 9 am. Most people who travel regularly with SAS are already familiar with the information and the range of services available on board. The Silent Morning Flights service will be trialled on all SAS domestic and intra-Scandinavia flights between May and September this year.

“We call the service Silent Morning Flights, and has been introduced to allow our customers to use the time they spend on board in the way they want – to sleep, to read, to eat breakfast or simply to prepare for their working day. We’re in constant communication with our most frequent customers and know that they prefer to enjoy their morning coffee in silence rather than being accompanied by the sound of an announcement that they’ve already heard many times before. That’s why we’re conducting this trial over the next couple of months,” says Stephanie Smitt Lindberg, Product and Development Manager at SAS.

In addition to the traditional Captain’s welcome, the safety briefing will still be given. Once the briefing is over, silence will reign inside the cabin until it is time to land.

In recent times, SAS has given frequent flyers access to a number of Café Lounges, and opened a City Lounge in Central Stockholm just last week.

For more information, please contact:  
SAS pressoffice, phn 46 8 797 2944

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