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March 8, 2018 12:41

SAS is pleased to see the airline being top among airline companies in the Nordic region in Google’s recent survey, where they reviewed the usability and speed of hundreds of the most visited mobile sites.

SAS was ranked in third place in the overall category “Travel” and was also named “Best in Class” in the “Product Pages” category.

88 percent of all Swedes use their smartphone to access internet, and 77 percent use their mobile phone at least as much or more than their computer to do so. The Google survey, which includes about 500 European sites, ranked the top ten sites in the travel, retail and travel industry in the Nordic region.

–       We know that our customers expect a fast and smooth mobile experience with SAS, both through our mobile website and using the SAS App. We are pleased with the results, but will continue to make improvements on SAS websites in all channels, says Annelie Nässén, Global Marketing and Sales Director, SAS.

SAS has carried out major IT upgrades in recent years and now has a modern platform that will enable smart digital solutions for SAS travelers in the future.

SAS tops among airlines in the north. The entire category Travel names Swebus in first place followed by and SAS in third place. (Others on list in turn: 4. NSB, 5. KLM, 6. Wing, 7. Super Saver Travel, 8. Fly Ticket, 9. Travel Link and 10. EasyJet.)

About the survey

The entire survey, which examined a total of about 500 sites in Europe, can be found here

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