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It’s not too late to book your summer holiday. Here are nine amazing cities to visit in Italy

July 12, 2018 11:49

Romance, pasta, art and architecture – Italy has it all. From beautiful island beaches to metropolitan cities, discover the depth and history of this European country. Visit these Italian cities easily from Scandinavia with Scandinavian Airlines. Here are nine cities that will inspire you to fulfil your Italian cravings. Book your next memory at



Not only breathtakingly beautiful with historic Italian architecture, this Veneto city is famed for its artistic heritage, being the city where Shakespeare’s famous plays Romeo & Juliette and The Two Gentlemen of Verona are set. Visit the house of Juliet, the Stallo del Cappello dating back to 1200, walk the streets of hopeless love and endless tragedy and enjoy the special view of Verona from the Pietra sull’ Adige Bridge, the only functional Roman bridge still standing today. With the Verona airport located only 10 kilometres from the city centre, Verona is easily accessible and a must-visit for every fan of art and poetry.

Direct flights from Scandinavia to Verona starts from 499 DKK, 709 SEK and 599 NOK.



You can’t begin to write about Pisa without mentioning the world famous leaning tower. Each year tourists gather around this monument to take the best Instagram photo. Here you will find the perfect combination of shopping, culinary experiences and historic streets. Discover the scents and greenery of the Orto Botanico di Pisa, the very first University Botanical garden of Europe, which has secured an impressive collection of seeds, flowers and trees for hundreds of years. Since Pisa is located in central Tuscany, it works as a great starting point to discover other great locations such as Florence and Cinque Terre.

Direct flight from Scandinavia to Pisa starts from 499 DKK, 709 SEK and 599 NOK.



With gondolas drifting through tight canals and romance in the air, Venice is a city that tops many bucket lists. Here you will find the famous Basilica de San Marco filled with 8000 square metres of beautiful mosaics, and the famous Teatro La Fenice – the opera house in Venice whose name translates as the phoenix rising from the ashes. The airport is located only 20 minutes away from the city centre and historic locations are conveniently accessible by Alilaguna boat.

Direct flights from Scandinavia to Venice starts from 499 DKK, 709 SEK and 599 NOK.



As the sixth biggest city of Italy, Genoa is the capital of Leguria. Located on the Riviera of Italy, this harbour city houses beautiful gardens, and is probably most famous for being the area where pesto sauce originated. Every year people visit Genoa to discover the authentic Italian pesto-taste themselves, at Leguria’s many restaurants or at the popular traditional food markets around the city.

Direct flights from Scandinavia to Genoa starts from 499 DKK, 709 SEK and 599 NOK.



Welcome to the metropolitan of Italy. With a common phrase, ‘all roads lead to Rome’, most are glad that they do, discovering spectacular architecture and captivating cultural experiences on arrival.  Cruise through the city on a Vespa, get impressed by the roman sculptures or visit the world-famous Colosseum. For those who want to escape touristy streets and destinations, there are also small quirky shops, beautiful art galleries and some of the best restaurants Italy has to offer.  In Rome there is something for everyone.

Direct flights from Scandinavia to Rome starts from 699 DKK, 909 SEK and 799 NOK.


Costa Smeralda

In the north of Italy, visitors will find Costa Smeralda in Sardinia. The area is one of the most exclusive locations in Europe, and with endless beaches with turquoise water it is easy to understand why. Costa Smeralda is also known for its grottos and cosy villages with small, undiscovered restaurants. Paddle boarding, scuba diving and mountain climbing are a big part of this coast and it is perfect for an active holiday.

Direct flights from Scandinavia to Costa Smeralda starts from 699 DKK, 909 SEK and 799 NOK.



Palermo was founded 734 BC and has become an urban melting pot for art, music and architectural beauty. As the capital of Sicily, the largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea, Palermo offers cathedrals, street markets and beautiful churches in true Italian style. Visitors can easily reach the vibrancy of the city from Palermo International Airport.

Direct flights from Scandinavia to Palermo starts from 499 DKK, 709 SEK and 599 NOK.



Only two hours south of Rome, visitors can discover the biggest city in southern Italy. Through the years, Naples has been called the open-air museum where visitors can immerse themselves in historical works from Pompeii and Herculaneum, or instead, enjoy a food-tour of the city. Naples is known for serving the best pizza in the world, and the cuisine of Naples suits any foodie – flavours from the sea and ingredients sourced from the surrounding countryside create delicious dishes to tantalise taste buds.

Direct flights from Scandinavia to Naples starts from 899 DKK, 1209 SEK and 1099 NOK.



The fast-paced city of Milan is a must for fashion and design lovers. Every year thousands gather in the city to get a glimpse of Milan Fashion Week and Milan Design Week. Being praised for the city that has everything, Milan has something to offer everyone. Discover the beautiful views of the city by walking up the stairs of the Duomo, travel in the elegant 1930’s tram around the city or explore the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II, an extravagant 19th-century glass-topped, barrel-vaulted tunnel which today offers a lively shopping mecca.

Direct flights from Scandinavia to Milan starts from 549 DKK, 709 SEK and 699 NOK


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