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Change in number of shares and votes in SAS

November 30, 2020 16:00
Regulatory information

SAS AB (“SAS”) has, as previously announced, successfully implemented the recapitalization plan and carried out share issues of 6,883,620,656 common shares in total. 6,877,479,859 of the shares that were issued under the recapitalization plan were registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (the “SCRO”) in October 2020. During November 2020, 5,976,882 additional common shares subscribed and paid for in the rights issue have been registered with the SCRO, and the number of shares and votes in SAS has therefore increased by 5,976,882. In total, 6,883,456,741 common shares out of the 6,883,620,656 common shares subscribed for in the recapitalization plan have hence been registered with the SCRO. The remaining 163,915 common shares subscribed for in the rights issue are not expected to be registered with the SCRO as SAS has not received payment for these shares.

Prior to the registrations of shares during November 2020, there were in total 7,260,062,410 shares in SAS, of which all were common shares, corresponding to 7,260,062,410 votes.

As of 30 November 2020, there are in total 7,266,039,292 shares in SAS, of which all are common shares, corresponding to 7,266,039,292 votes.

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This is information that SAS AB is obliged to disclose pursuant to Chapter 4, Section 9 of the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act and corresponding Danish and Norwegian legislations. The information was submitted by Michel Fischier for publication on 30 November 2020 at 4 pm CET.


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